Sam Bass

Sam Bass


A sprinkle of Neil Young with a smidgeon of Nirvana added for taste. 1/2 cup of Jack Johnson baked on high for 30 minutes until golden brown and rockin'.


A North American wannabe legend, tireless voyager and all around "nice guy" Sam has trekked the vast purple mountain majesties and has soared over the many fruited plains of this great continent (except for Mexico, you're next!)

Always looking for a place to play (and stay a night or two) he never fails to impress, at first anyhow, after which he's only mildly amusing in his attempt at charm and witty repartee. But hand him a guitar and you'd be hard pressed to want to leave the warmth and joy that exudes from his fingertips.

He set out and succeeded in recording a collection of demonstrations (i.e. demos) in the province of Québec during the winter of '05.
This "American for sale" never ceases to amaze with his intricate guitar work and emotionally drenched lyrical prowess. Now try putting that on a résumé!

Currently he can be found back in his old stomping ground, the GREAT state of Utah, finishing up work on his next batch of demos.
I'm sure you will find them to be more than fulfilling and perhaps even mildly sexually stimulating.


Break Free

Written By: Sam Bass

When you hold my heart
can you feel the love
dripping in my blood
Do you feel the heat
of a million hearts
beating inside of me
A debt you can't pay
another broken heart
that gets swept away
I can feel no pain
but it tears me up
just the same

Break free
Break away
from the heart you hold
that consumes you whole
Break Away

Can you feel the crash
Pull me up and push me
and make it last
It's so hard to see
I feel so blind
yet everything's in front of
It feels so close
Don't run away yet
stay and make this count
Do you feel okay
with paper hearts and glue
I might mend this pain

Dancing Through My Head

Written By: Sam Bass

Feeling like I’m on my way
It’s a long road
But I’ll walk it all the way to the end
If I have to

Another dead end sign
On the road of life has got you down again
And burnt you to the ground

And I’ll fall straight to my death
With you dancing through my head

One more 10 day stretch
Away from everything that’s
Known and loved
To earn another buck

Running low on fuel
Keep playing for the driver at the wheel
I know we’ll make it soon

And I’ll fall straight to my death
With you dancing through my head

Combat Boots

Written By: Sam Bass

Freedom here we go
Liberty or suicide
A bleeding heart with a forceful hand
Who am I to decide

Jets and guns decide our fate
What is peace without hate
Oil reigns over all
Money buys a countries fall

Nerves are treading on a thread
Overhead, one more dead
In my head I will pretend
Every war comes to an end

I never thought I'd kill
but I will if you want me to.


Defender EP
2005 Montreal Demos