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Sam Behymer

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Sam Behymer Belts it Out for ME!"

With a family filled with musical talent, Sam Behymer didn’t take long to realize that she too had a love for music. This 22-year-old Texas native is pursuing her music career in southern California. When it comes to music, Sam says it's her native language. Read on to learn more about this rising star and how you can see her live!

Sam is a recent graduate from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and admits she’s had her fair share of road blocks as a musician. Even so, she believes the only way to overcome difficulty, no matter the circumstance, is to focus on things that are good and true. “I can either be driven by fear or by truth. I want to choose truth.”

Sam just re leased her new EP “Bluebirds In,” and is proud to say that she writes all of her music.

“The EP addresses many different kinds of fear and uncertainty. My hope is that my exploration of those emotions within myself can help other people to work through their own difficulties.” she said.

Sam’s music sounds like a cute mix of acoustic indie with a tiny touch of pop. In her own words it sounds like a 22-year-old playing the piano and singing what she feels. Watch out, Sara Bareilles!

“I’ve been told that I have a unique voice, and I try to use my voice in such a way that the emotion in the lyrics comes through.”

Sam’s next show is Saturday, March 26, at The Roxy Theater in Hollywood. Can’t make it? Don’t worry! Sam is planning a summer tour too. Stay tuned to see when this song bird is flying to a town near you. Can't wait? Check out the music video to her song, "If You Don't Mind"! -

"Behymer's Album Represents Heart"

“I write what I feel said senior Samantha Behymer (Sam” to friends) of her songwriting process.

The 21-year-old from Stephenville Texas released an independent album in July of this year of her folksy contemporary pop. “Heartmouth written and performed by Behymer with guitar backup by 2009 alumnus Hunter Stanfield, is available on iTunes and at, and it is receiving rave reviews at both venues.

My goal for ‘Heartmouth’ was to hear how my music makes people fell when I don’t have control over it Behymer said. The album is composed of eight of the some 150 songs the English major has penned independently. Most of the songs she chose to release on

Heartmouth” have been written since November 2007 “to keep the continuity of sound said the artist.

My sound has been a natural progression explained Behymer. Once I started playing guitar I found more of my own sound.”

Having played classical piano “since always Behymer took up songwriting at age 14 as her preferred form of personal expression. She picked up guitar the summer before her freshman year of college in case pianos were in short supply at Pepperdine. Wielding those two instruments and a jazzy voice with arty enunciation, Behymer’s music is dynamic and almost bluesy.

Behymer counts herself a fan of both artists, and she said she listens to more than her fair share of Bruce Springsteen. She appreciates classic rock and anything lyrically driven that tells a story (I guess I listen to people who sound like me she said). This admiration for heart shows strong in Behymer’s own work. Much of her individuality as an artist comes from her heartfelt lyrics.

When asked if the songs she writes are true stories, she replied with a resounding Yes!” and then added that “at least all the ones on the album are.” Behymer writes from her heart so it only makes sense that the title track of her album opens with “Would you open up your heartmouth and let the voice out … We’ll go home with pockets full of sound/If you open up your mouth and let the voice out.” This thread of earnestness is woven throughout “Heartmouth which lends meaningful warmth to the work, but it is also a source of concern for Behymer.

Once you give a song away in recorded form she said, you’re not in control of its meaning anymore. Sometimes I create a picture that’s just a picture but people always put meaning behind it.” The connection between words and emotions is a strong one for this artist. Wary of having her songs misunderstood Behymer “changed [her] mind about 100 times” before deciding to record this summer with Stanfield and an engineer the two met through church.

Behymer is highly involved with Mosaic Church in Los Angeles. She has been a Spiritual Life Advisor and now serves as a Spiritual Life Coordinator on campus through Housing and Residence Life. She also leads worship Friday mornings at Celebration Chapel. Pepperdine life has taught her “how to see God in people in relationships. And relationships that’s what I write about.”

Potential fame is a distant care for Behymer due in part to the impersonal nature of the industry. Though the lifestyle of most performers terrifies her Behymer said she would love to play more shows and go on tour. After she graduates from Pepperdine in May she plans to be “done with school for a little while” and rather than climbing the career ladder pursue a coffeehouse or bookstore job near friends wherever they settle after graduation.

The one-on-one aspect of relationships is what drives this singer/songwriter. It encourages the personal authenticity of her songwriting. Even though it was an intimidating process for Behymer she said her recent decision to record was worth it.

“Recording music kind of stops the song in time because when I perform live it always comes out differently Behymer said. Recording creates the identity of a song.” The songs on “Heartmouth” share their identity with their artist and they are all the better for it. - The Pepperdine Graphic


Heartmouth - 2009 (EP)
Bluebirds In - 2011 (EP)
(Live) - 2011 (EP)
This Bad Decision - 2012

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