Sam Billen

Sam Billen


As I grow older I find more and more good music all around me. It's hard to be ahead of the game, and I've come to the point that rather than trying to be better than the next guy, I just want to play my part in getting good music to people that appreciate it. I hope you're one of them.


My parents brought my brother and I up listening to stuff from the 70s like Todd Rundgren, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder and Paul Davis. When we reached high school, we discovered a new world of music listening to more current bands like Pavement, Built to Spill and [pink-album era] Weezer. With all of these influences buried deep in our hearts, my brother and I formed the band The Billions in 1997 and after 10 years of off-and-on touring, recording and releasing albums with an LA-based label (which was a big deal for us Kansas boys in the beginning!), we recently called it quits with the band so we could focus on our families and careers. I have since been working hard on writing, recording, and producing my newest solo album, Headphones & Cellphones, which will be released on the Record Machine out of Kansas City. What sets me apart from other bands? That's hard to say because these days there is so much good stuff out there! I just try to be honest in my music and at my shows - I enjoy what I do and I love to see other people enjoy it too.


Headphones and Cellphones (2009, the Record Machine)

Free digital release EP: Tokyo Sessions (2009, the Record Machine) download here:

Merry Christmas (2008, Independent) - free Christmas album. download free here:

Miracles (2006, Northern Records)

Death of a Saint (2000, independent) - solo piano album

with my previous band, the Billions:

Trash and Treasure (2007, Northern Records)

Never Felt This Way Before (2002, Northern Records)

Quiet As It's Kept (2000, independent)

Set List

For solo shows, I play anywhere from 5 or 6 songs to three straight hours.

For band shows, I typically play 7-8 songs (45 mins - 1 hr).