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"Singer, multi-instrumentalist Sam Bisbee may not yet be a household name... In the meantime, why not pick up his sensational CD, 'high', so when you inevitably find yourself gushing about Bisbee's impeccable pop smarts and juicy hooks, you'll know what you're talking about."
    -- Jonathan Perry, Boston Globe
- Boston Globe

"Village Voice Choice"

"Bisbee plays solid, lyrical rock, and his new CD, High, is easily his
best work yet. Reminiscent of better '80s music (there was some,
really), he's almost somewhere between a Tom Petty voice and Brit
power-pop instrumentation" -- Aber, Village Voice (Choices) - Village Voice

"Eloquence and Power"

New York singer-songwriter Sam Bisbee demonstrates anew the eloquence and power of the carefully crafted three-chord rock song on 'Live at Arlene Grocery.'

Bisbee's reedy voice sounds almost preadolescent, his melodies deceptively simple and his band - including two New Englanders - direct and economical. All of this pushes the songs, most from Bisbee's overlooked debut, 'Vehicle,' to the center of the Arlene Grocery stage, where they flower like hothouse orchids.

Literate but not pretentious, emotional but never cloying, inevitable but never predictable, Bisbee's songs don't wilt in the spotlight, but flourish - a testament to the strength and staying power of simplicity." - Kevin R. Convey - Boston Herald

"Gleaming Sapphire of an Album"

"Sam Bisbee's solo debut is one of those rough little gems that is likely to get lost for a few months after its release. Then, about a year from now, after so many friends have told their friends about how great it is, those who appreciate smart, literate songwriting will agree that "Vehicle" is a gleaming sapphire of an album.

Imagining love affairs in office cubicles and nubile groupies who have just turned 18, Bisbee laces his songs with wry humor and deft melodies. While his compositions are simple, they sound timeless, taking cues from the supple romanticism of Crowded House's Neil Finn and the urbane goofiness of Fountains of Wayne.

Even with a revolving cast of guest musicians, Bisbee has managed to craft a unified vision for his songs. His duet with Leona Naess on "Miracle Car" is a standout as the two capture the madcap dialogue of an affair about to run off the road."
- Issac Guzman
- NY Daily News

"Fully Realized, Grandiose Tuneage"

"By mid-morning, the alert cranium needs a solid pop fix. Sam Bisbee, Vehicle, aims straight for the jugular with sets of fully realized, grandiose tuneage. (Bisbee) crafts an edgy-yet accessible, radio friendly sound that wouldn't be unwelcomed in the home of Tom Petty, the Posies or Dave Mathews." - Fred Mills, Sr. Editor, Magnet Magazine

"TimeOut Pick"

"High, the new CD by Sam Bisbee, reveals the singer to be a fine song craftsman" (starred listing) - TimeOut NY

"Sam on the Move"

“Sam on the Move. Sam Bisbee is currently gathering critical praise for his self-made CD, Vehicle, which is marked by clever lyrics, crisp guitar-rock instrumentation, and subtle, yet insinuating hooks.” - Billboard Magazine

"past the limits of all sense"

“Our favorite new New York City singer-songwriter... Vehicle reminds you what you liked about smoking cigarettes in public parks until three a.m., talking about what it all means with two or three of your best friends, staying up past the limits of all sense.” - Paper Magazine

"this record is the real deal"

"On 'Vehicle', Sam Bisbee accomplishes the increasingly rare feat of immediately drawing in the listener with his ironic and often achingly funny lyrics. It is likely that spending the '90s in major label development limbo has added a certain acerbic wit to Bisbee's tunes. Juicy couplets like, 'just know the smallest space you leave me / will be enough room to keep me alive' in 'Flower' and , 'out of breath from standing still / wide awake on sleeping pills' in 'Shake Me' are great examples of Bisbee's lyrical prowess. Songs about cars, suburbia and love gone badly never sounded so fresh. Oh, yeah, and the music is pretty good, too. Right from the first crisp drumbeats of 'Miracle Car' you can tell this record is the real deal. Although it is a relentlessly mid-tempo record, 'Vehicle' never feels samey. Bisbee and band have the ability to bring songs to their emotional peak with just a vocal inflection here, a keyboard patch there or a cello woven in and out of an otherwise sparse arrangement. As a pop/rock vocalist, Bisbee is not technically gifted (as, for instance, Neil Finn, whose voice Bisbee's semi-resembles) but there is a real depth and emotion to his delivery. On 'Vehicle' Bisbee's heartfelt performance is often more than believeable."
- David Gray
- Amplifier Magazine

"4 Stars"

"AMG EXPERT REVIEW:Sam Bisbee's aptly titled sophomore effort, Vehicle, portrays an artist in motion. Bisbee creates emotionally honest songs that evoke the fiery roots rock of Bruce Springsteen and John Cougar Mellancamp, yet he renders his compositions with intoxicating arrangements, even going as far as to juggle acoustic instrumentation with contemporary electronica on a few cuts. Bisbee's rhythmic computer programming in "Shake Me," "Molecules," and "Bucket Seat" is downright soulful. That's because the songs are strong and his supporting cast is a perfect compliment to Bisbee's penchant for telling a story with melody. The duet with Leona Naess on "Miracle Car" is among the many stellar moments on this collection, blending a driving beat with atonal guitar textures and sexy wordplay between the two lovers headed down the never-ending road to romantic bliss. Bisbee is a dexterous vocalist and an accomplished songwriter whose earthy and literate compositions merit repeated listening, especially the reprise of "Miracle Car," which would have found its way into the L.A. Woman-era Doors repertoire without fail." - Tom Semioli
- All Music Guide


OXYGEN (2006)
HIGH (2004)
VEHICLE (2001)
SNACKS (1996)



Sam Bisbee's new album "Son of a Math Teacher" will be released in march of 2008 on Le Grand Magistery.