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Samcam & Enkrypted

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Moments of spontaneous crowd/artist connection fuel their creative desire, as do the social issues facing hip-hop and the world today. Their combination of style, themes, and rhythms make for a fresh rhyme style that place them among the leaders of a new era of music and a new generation of people.


Two different paths, two different people, one common vision.

Samcam and Enkrypted, are two friends that met in Seattle by chance in 2004. From the plains of Montana, Samcam was new to city life and to the realities of responsibility. He tended to question everything he saw. At the same time, Enkrypted, a proud father, found himself questioning his own role in the world.

As often happens, turmoil and confusion lead to brilliance.

Enkrypted had been lurking in Seattle's underground scene for upwards of seven years. From emcee battles to DJ competitions, he has worked with and against many of the top hip-hop artists in the region. Samcam is a relative newcomer, having been performing for three years.

The two joined on as part of Seattle hip-hop/funk band Map of France. They play their respected parts (Samcam as energic, inspirational, emcee, Enkrypted as technically elite DJ and fiery emcee) with a passion among the 12 members that make up the M.O.F. family.

After several live shows from 2003-05, the pair decided it was time to push for a different sound. As an outlet for their own personal themes and creativity outside of M.O.F., the two decided to focus on their own musical endeavors. They still contibute to M.O.F. compilations.

It was a live Thursday at Seattle's Watertown that has summed up their careers best. Started in 2004 under the name Underground Grooves, the two played shows to 4-5 people. By mid-'05, they had collaborated with many of Seattle's best talent on the night, putting together live, freestyle and written shows for more than 100 people.

It was not all it was cut out to be. What had been started as a true hip-hop evening rooted in the tradition of the four elements had turned into a thug scene that only reinforced their views that the "hip-hop" scene needed a change. They were tired of the misleading, negative lyrics and images promoted by mainstream hip-hop. Their message of hope and opportunity could not be stifled any longer, it needed to be heard. They fled the scene for the studio to begin work on their first album.

Their music is old school, positive vibes rap mixed with new school tech beats. Themes of lost chances, decisions, political activism, and personal empowerment pepper their tracks. Realizing that hip-hop like all else in life has two sides, they also play amped, party anthems along with good, old-fashioned lyrically playful tracks.

Simply put, they play because they feel that everyone has something to say, and they desire to inspire change in others, numbers aside.


We are in the studio working on our first album.

Set List

Typically play a 25-45 minute set. So far, they have a growing library of songs that is at about 15 at the moment, along with the same number of collaborative tracks with Map of France and Equalibran Productions. To date, they've played about five different sets during more than 30 live performances all over Seattle.

Latest set:
1. Werkin'
2. Mystery
3. Samcam's Plan
4. E's Soul
5. Late Fridays
6. Decisions
7. Party Patrol

NO cover songs.