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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States | SELF
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(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Sept. 14, 2010--- Alternative Press magazine’s “Unsigned Band of the Month” (Dec. 2008), Indianapolis-based pop-punk band Same As Sunday releases its highly anticipated 7-song EP, Earn Your Stripes, October 26, 2010.

Having recently wrapped a year’s worth of 150+ tour dates with band’s including INO recording artist Stellar Kart and Gotee Records act Abandon Kansas, Same As Sunday sustains its momentum with the follow up to last summer’s The Dollar For Dollar EP. Inspired by lead singer Chris Bauchle’s deployment with the United States Air Force for Operation Enduring Freedom this fall, Earn Your Stripes reflects Same As Sunday’s desire to live a life of purpose, serving God, spreading His Word, and encouraging others to do the same.

“The Lord calls us not only to place our faith in Him, but also to spread His word among the nations,” says Bauchle. “The album’s title is about having complete trust in God and giving every ounce of yourself to something you’ve been called to do.”

Featuring honest lyrics and an insatiably catchy sound brimming with frenetic musical energy, Earn Your Stripes has a broad range of appeal. Songs include the thought-provoking, call-to-action anthem “Roads?,” “The Opposite of Two,” which reflects on a painful breakup, and “Exits and Entrances,” about betrayal by a close friend.

Earn Your Stripes will release digitally via retailers including itunes, AmazonMP3, and Rhapsody on October 26. Physical copies of the album will also be available for purchase at and at Same As Sunday shows. The band will pre-promote Earn Your Stripes with the release of a music video for “Roads?” mid-October as well as a free MP3 download of the song at select music sites. Additional details are forthcoming.

Consisting of Chris Bauchle (lead vocals, guitar), Kyle Martin (guitar/vocals), Nick Berry (bass/vocals) and Andy “the” Heck (drums/vocals), Same As Sunday formed in 2005. The band has since released three projects and visited more than 35 states on six, full-length, independently booked tours. Additionally, Same As Sunday earned a slot on the 2008 Warped Tour, was named Alternative Press magazine’s “Unsigned Band of the Month,” took first place at Concerts First’s “Next Big Thing” battle of the band’s competition, and was selected as a 2009 “Editor’s Pick” by Visit the band at or
- Savvy Media Solutions

"Album Review: Same As Sunday, "The Dollar For Dollar EP""

Same as Sunday fits in well with the upbeat new punk of today, and the public seems to agree. They’ve won several local battle of the bands competitions and were named an Unsigned Band of the Month by AP Magazine in December 2008. Their distorted powerchords and simple chord progressions follow in the tradition started by mainstream pop punkers like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio. This is fun, sing-along punk, with harmonized, repetitive choruses sung in the nasal whine characteristic of the genre.

The opening track, “An Ode to Ms. Communication,” starts off with tom rolls and goes into neatly palm-muted low powerchords that introduce the high, angsty vocals. One high-energy track switches swimmingly to the next one, “In My Way,” which follows a similar formula to its predecessor, but includes slower sections where the instrumentals back off and allow the vocals to feature. Tidy, fast guitar solos follow poppy drums that hint that they might be able to do far more than this genre requires.

“One in a Million,” pokes hopefully intentional fun at the bands own predictable sound with the lines “All aboard the cliché gotta hate sellouts and your dad if you wanna be rad...slit our wrists I’ll sell my soul, ‘cause we’re so original...”

This EP may be just yet another example of the new-pop-punk that is infiltrating the vocals, but the band members seem to be fully aware of it. Best of all, they keep their sense of humor and don’t mind laughing at themselves and the silly clichés of their genre — they’re even willing to pay tribute to those original murderers of “true” punk rock, Green Day, with a clever reference to “Nice Guys Finish Last” on “Against All Evens.”
- Emma Faesi, Nuvo

"Wonka Vision review of The Dollar for Dollar EP"

Now’s the time to wish that you had the wherewithal to own or start a record label so that you could take pride in signing a band that’s gaining momentum faster than the gigantic boulder Indiana Jones runs from in the “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Currently unsigned as of this review according to their MySpace page, Same as Sunday’s most recent EP “The Dollar for Dollar” will surely put some fire under your ass scalding any stray hairs on your butt cheeks.

The pop punk quartet comprising of Chris Bauchle, Nick Berry, Kyle Martin and Andy the Heck prove that they not only rock out with pizzazz, but seem to have fun doing it. One of the first things you’ll notice while listening to this album is it starts off with one hell of a bang. No time is wasted getting things going when “Ode to Ms. Communication” breaks the airwaves with a drum intro that’s brief but phenomenal. Then, wait a minute, “Is this Blink 182?” ,you might think. They’re one hundred percent on par with Blink 182 but add enough originality to be given their own homage. Why you ask? The guitar playing of Bauchle (also lead vocals) and Martin continuously compliment each other making every song a blast to listen to. There’s change ups, rhythm over soloing and no monotony of repetitive chord usage. It must be the fact the not only do Bauchle and Martin use six string guitars but that they know how to take full advantage of them. There’s nothing worse than over kill when you have more instrument then you know how to use (think of all those drummers that have huge sets and could do the same thing with half the drums). Meanwhile Berry illustrates exactly what it means to play a mean bass. In case you’re wondering, bass doesn’t always need to be hidden somewhere out in left field, especially if the bass player knows what he’s doing like Berry does. Adding in the vocals will put your hearing on overload. Not only are Bauchle’s vocals powerful enough to be mesmerizing but the backup vocals of all of the members in accompaniment with Bachle’s make full use of the word harmony. So how about the drum intro mentioned earlier on? This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Andy the Heck’s skills. At times he’s all over the place yet still in perfect syndication with the other musicians. Drummers that can utilize their set in the way that Heck does are models for what drumming should be.

The biggest gripe with Same as Sunday’s EP “The Dollar for Dollar” is that you’ll be wishing there were six more songs to keep you going. It’s always nice when you can think to yourself “damnit why is it over so quickly” rather than “when is it ever going to end”. [By: Andy Rajan]
Rating: 5/5
Release Date: July 11, 2009

- Wonka Vision

"Unsigned Bands of the Month"

HQ: Indianapolis, IN
NOW PLAYING: Anthems From A Standing Eight (
THE STORY SO FAR: When Same As Sunday formed in high school during 2005, they had a sense they were capable of big things. But frontman Chris Bauchle says they've only started to realize their potential. "Three years later, we're finally able to put our full focus on the band," he says. Aside from playing with Forever The Sickest Kids and their hometown's own Gwen Stacy, they won the "Band In The Bubble" contest this past summer for Indianapolis radio station WNOU-FM.
WHY YOU SHOULD KNOW 'EM: "We consider ourselves to be a bit of a hybrid band," says Bauchle. "The music that we write is the unique overflow of a combination of our pop, metal and punk roots. We pride ourselves on having the ability to unite the pop-punk and hardcore music scenes." SAS plan to take that message across the country with a West Coast tour in the spring. "We are absolutely ecstatic to hit the road again with our music."


Earn Your Stripes - 2010

The Dollar for Dollar EP - 2009

Anthems From A Standing Eight - 2008

-2009 Tour History (May '09 - May '10)-

The Best Tour Ever Tour (pt1)
5.2.10 – Linton, IN – First Christian Church
5.1.10 – Greenville, IL – Agape Fest
4.30.10 – Joplin, MO – Calvary Baptist Church
4.29.10 – Neosho, MO – Live Wire Youth Center
4.28.10 – Bryant, AR – Indian Springs Baptist Church
4.25.10 – Colleyville, TX – Crown of Life Lutheran Church
4.24.10 – Greenwood, AR – First Baptist Church
4.23.10 – Madill, OK – First Baptist Church
4.21.10 – Harrison, AR – Eagle Hts Baptist Church
4.20.10 – Memphis, TN – The Abbey
4.19.10 – Nashville, TN - The Fortress
4.17.10 – Marion, IN – Spotted Cow Fest
4.16.10 – Muncie, IN – Soultions Ramp Park

The Good Fight Tour
4.10.10 – Franklin, IN – The Gear
4.9.10 – New Lennox, IL – The Hub
4.8.10 – Grand Rapids, MI – Mixtape Cafe
4.7.10 – Flint, MI – The Bridge
4.6.10 – Bay City, MI – The Loft
4.5.10 – Zanesville, OH – The Shot Shot
4.2.10 – Carthage, MO – The Powerhouse
4.1.10 – Russelville, AR – Gindhouse Skatepark
3.30.10 – Bryan, TX – The Stafford
3.29.10 – Houston, TX - Fitzgeralds
3.28.10 – Austin, TX – Head Hunters
3.27.10 – San Antonio, TX – The 1011
3.26.10 – College Station, TX – Schotzi’s
3.24.10 – Columbia, TN – The Atomic Rocket Lounge
3.23.10 – Nashville, TN – The Muse
3.22.10 – Owingsville, KY – The Clubhouse
3.21.10 – Covington, KY – The Madhatter

Back to the Futour
10.31.09 – Indianapolis, IN – The Emerson Theater
10.30.09 – Muncie, IN – The MT Cup
10.29.09 – Antwerp, OH – The Crunk Room
10.28.09 – Dayton, OH – The Afterburn
10.26.09 – Fairdale, KY – The Bulldog Cafe
10.25.09 - Joplin, MO - The Surge
10.24.09 - Jacket, MO - Self Destruct in the Ozarks Fest
10.23.09 - Texarkana, TX - I Love Evelyn Venue
10.22.09 - Bryan, TX - The Stafford
10.21.09 - Georgetown, TX - First Baptist Church
10.20.09 - Austin, TX - Hot Topic
10.19.09 - Houston, TX - Walters
10.18.09 - Houston, TX - Bohemeos
10.17.09 - Houston, TX - Java Junction
10.16.09 - San Antonio, TX - The 1011
10.13.09 - El Paso, TX - Hot Rods and Wheels
10.11.09 - Albuquerque, NM - Atomic Cantina
10.10.09 - San Diego, CA - Dream St
10.09.09 - San Diego, CA - The Epicenter
10.08.09 - Hollywood, CA - Above The Rox
10.06.09 - Los Angelos, CA - Good Hurt Music Venue
10.05.09 - San Jose, CA - Hot Topic
10.04.09 - Modesto, CA - Queen Bean
10.03.09 - Modesto, CA - Modesto Virtual
10.02.09 - Las Vegas, NV - The Freakin Frog
10.01.09 - Logan, UT - Utah State
9.30.09 - Topeka, KS - The Boobie Trap Bar
9.29.09 - Kansas City, MO - Maple Woods College
9.28.09 - Columbia, MO - Hot Topic
9.27.09 - Elizabethtown, KY - The Mulberry
9.26.09 - Poplar Bluff, MO - The Well
9.25.09 - Eureka, IL - Eureka College
9.24.09 - Des Moines, IA - Hot Topic
9.23.09 - Seward, NE - Seward Youth Center
9.22.09 - Omaha, NE - The Papio Bowl
9.20.09 - Cedar Rapids, IA - Hot Topic
9.19.09 - Morris, IL - The Korova
9.18.09 - New Lenox, IL - The Hub
9.17.09 - Chicago, IL - Fearless Radio

Undignified Clothing Tour
8.1.09 – Bridgeport, IL – Friendly Fire Music Venue
7.31.09 – Vincennes, IN – The Intersect Venue
7.30.09 – Steeleville, IL – Randolph County Rocksteady
7.28.09 – Fairdale, KY – Bulldog Café
7.27.09 – Springfield, OH – Hot Topic
7.26.09 – Xenia, OH – The Cavern
7.24.09 – Highland, IN – Bean Counters
7.23.09- Mequon, WI – Phantom Ranch
7.22.09 – Fond Du Lac, WI – Marghaels
7.21.09 – Maplewood, MN – Hot Topic
7.20.09 – Harrisburg, SD – The Phoenix Lounge
7.18.09 – Lincoln, NE – Knickerbockers
7.17.09 – Kansas City, MO – Hot Topic
7.16.09 – Joplin, MO – Hot Topic
7.15.09 – Springfield, MO – Billiards Blue Room
7.14.09 – Salem, IL – The Looney Bin
7.13.09 – Christopher, IL - The Hampton Building
7.12.09 – Chicago, IL – Dougs Rockhouse

The World Domination Tour
6.20.09 – Windsor, Ontario – The Chubby Pickle
6.19.09 – Burlington, Ontario – The Legendary Red Rooster
6.18.09 – Sarnia, Ontario – The Stubborn
6.17.09 – Toronto, Ontario – The Bovine Sex Club
6.16.09 – St Catherine’s, Ontario – Red Hot Chili Pepper
6.13.09 – Pittsburgh, PA – 222 Ormsby
6.12.09 – Morgantown, WV – Club Octane
6.11.09 – Wilmore, KY – Icthtus Festival
6.9.09 – Elizabethtown, KY – The Mulberry
6.7.09 – Xenia, OH – The Cavern
6.6.09 Antwerp, OH – The Crunk Room
6.5.09 – Toledo, OH – Frankies
6.4.09 – Midland, MI – Hot Topic
6.3.09 – Port Huron, MI – The Center
6.2.09 – Rochester, MI – The Factory
6.1.09 – South Bend, IN – Ugly Mugs
5.31.09 – Morris, IL – The Korova
5.30.09 – Mt Vernon, IL – The Living Room



Same as Sunday
Earn Your Stripes

“We’ll make the road less traveled our home/We’ll make it all that we know/We can’t stop, we won’t stop/Not looking back now I insist/There’s nothing that we do better than this.”—from Roads? Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Roads

It’s often been said that people who want to stay friends should never bother working together. But for Indianapolis-based rockers Same as Sunday, their long-standing friendships, shared musical influences and tight-knit sense of community ultimately makes their creative collaboration all the sweeter.
After all, they are friends first and bandmates second, a distinction that continues to define Same as Sunday as they criss-cross the country and play the songs from their latest project, Earn Your Stripes.
A hybrid of pop and punk sounds the band describes succinctly as “heavy pop/punk,” Same as Sunday started like many groups do—humbly. Playing in backyards, garages and basically for anyone who’d listen, it wasn’t long after high school graduation that Chris (lead vocals, guitar) and his buddies Kmart (guitar/vocals), Nick (bass, vocals) and Andy the Heck (drums/vocals) knew that music wasn’t just a hobby, but their life’s work and calling.
“When I was in school, I always found myself more concerned with what was going on with my band than actually doing my homework,” Kmart says. “As time went on, that only got worse, and it wasn’t long before I started touring with Same as Sunday.”
Influenced by a wide range of artists including Blink 182, Relient K, New Found Glory, The Devil Wears Prada and yes, even a few hair bands thanks to Nick, Same as Sunday writes energetic anthems that reflect every aspect of the human experience—faith, relationships and the ups and downs of life in a fallen world.
With a refreshing sense of honesty in the lyrics and an insatiably catchy sound brimming with frenetic musical energy, Same as Sunday has a broad range of appeal. Once named the “Unsigned Band of the Month” in Alternative Press, the band has graced the stage at the famed Warped Tour as well as churches, which is just the way the guys like it.
“I absolutely love encouraging the flock, but our hearts are for the mainstream scene as well. Our message of love is meant for the whole world,” Andy says. “And if we’re playing in both types of venues, we have the best chance of that Message spreading.”
And whether they’re singing a thought-provoking, call-to-action anthem like Roads?, reflecting on a painful breakup in “The Opposite of Two” or lamenting the betrayal at the hands of a close friend in the decidedly Shakespearian “Exits and Entrances,” if there’s one message that Same as Sunday can leave listeners with, it’s to live each day with purpose.
“How easy is it to go to church on Sunday, the day that people typically choose to get their lives in order, have that great experience, but live the rest of our days in a way that’s completely unaffected?” Chris says. “It’s so easy. So that’s why we sing about the things we do, and why our name is Same as Sunday. It’s exactly how we want people to live—like it could be their last, like it was a Sunday.”
Putting the proverbial feet to his desire to live intentionally, Chris, who’s been with the United States Air Force for four years, was recently deployed to an undisclosed location for Operation Enduring Freedom, where he’ll work as a firefighter.
“I volunteered because I felt it something I was called to do—to serve,” Chris shares. “I’m going to be away for five months, and the band will press ahead while I’m gone. But I’m excited about what God will do while I’m there, and I should be home just after Christmas.”
The experience of serving his country has not only been an important reminder of the encouraging words written in Isaiah 12:2: “Surely, God is my Salvation: I will trust and not be afraid,” but it also inspired the title track from Earn Your Stripes.
“It is comforting to know that if we place our confidence in the Living God, there is nothing in this world that we need to fear,” Chris adds. “The bridge of ‘Earn Your Stripes’ says, ‘It’s kill or be killed; let’s seize the day/If God is for us, who can stand in our way?/Let them know, let them know.” The Lord calls us to not only place our faith in Him, but to spread His word among the nations, so that’s something the band and I always want to be a part of.”
For more information on Same as Sunday, check out