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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Review of Waiting for Tomorrow"

SDS from Austin keeps releasing excellent pop-punk full lengths, with unique semirobotic female vocals that help compensate for sometimes overly cutesy lyrics. There are twin sisters in this band that sounds a lot like early Face to Face. If their next album is still self-released, it'll be strictly by choice. - Punk Planet Issue #58

"Maximum R&R Review"

This all female trio sounds like a cross between Limp and Fabulous Disaster, with a Millencolin lyrical theme and feel. If you like these bands, you'll probably think this is alright too. - Maximum Rock and Roll #24

"Waiting for Tomorrow Review"

Listening to this record gives me the same feeling I get when I’m making a sandwich and my younger sister’s band is practicing downstairs. I feel happy. Not only because I’m about to eat, but because I can hear something truly honest, heartfelt, and unaffected making it’s way through the floors of our suburban bungalow to my ears. There’s a feeling of secrecy and invasion, in a way, too - where the people being listened-in on have no idea what is happening, making the experience all the more genuine. Same Day Service offers up 11 examples of why simple honesty can still create great music, even when the music itself is nothing mind-blowingly special. Playing basic Ramones-style three-chord pop-punk (Holy hyphens, Batman!), SDS makes up in heart what they lack in musical originality. From the opening lines of "Last Summer", the tone is set for the rest of Waiting For Tomorrow’s lyrical style - simple, diary-esque honesty, which has certainly been influenced by such band’s as Weezer (circa-Pinkerton) and The Ataris. "I know this moment won’t last long, this feeling it makes me smile. So why not put it in a song and remember it for awhile". Even though I wasn’t making a sandwich while listening to it, Waiting For Tomorrow still made me smile -

"Skratch Magazine review"

Same Day Service is an all-girl punk band, so of course I have to compare them to Sleater Kinney. I really hate to do that, because in it's own way I'd say this is better than Sleater Kinney. SDS is somewhere between Veruca Salt and your favorite band of all time, playing fast, heavy rock and has really nice fun lyrics. There's lots of sincereity in all their songs.
- Skratch Magazine

"Show Review"

Closing the show tonight was the straight ahead punk sound of Same Day Service. Although the audience was winding down, SDS inspired the night's only outbursts of slam dancing. It was easy to see why. Same Day Service began their 35-minute set with a roar and never slowed down. Vocalist and guitarist Sarah Rimassa shared the spotlight with her sister and co-writer, drummer Maggie Rimassa.
- Rockrgrl


Albums (all self-released):
Self-titled 7-song EP - released March 2005
Waiting for Tomorrow - released June 2003
Endless Adolescence - released Jan. 2001
...If You're Lucky - released Aug. 1999

Split CD, Summertime has Gone, with Italian band Whinny Puke - released June 2004 on Funbox Soundboard

Regular airplay on 101X, Austin's top alternative radio station, on the New and Locals Show with Andy Langer (singles are First Kiss and Crazy For You)

Skratch Magazine Warped Tour Comp #25
Captiva Music Compilation
Austin Punk Rock Compilation
LadyFestTX 2003 and 2004 Compilations
Stache Rock
Munkacopter Records Comp
Gulf Coast T.K.O. Vol. 1


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from Austin, TX, Same Day Service was formed in 1998 by twin sisters Sarah and Maggie Rimassa. Christina Ownby joined in Oct. 2003. More than simply an an-girl band, SDS' definitive style is marked by their impressive musicianship and the harmonies of sisters Sarah and Maggie.

SDS has played numerous shows, including dates on the last 5 years of the Vans Warped Tour. They have also toured extensively around the U.S., as well as ENGLAND, ITALY, HOLLAND and SWITZERLAND, and will be heading back to Europe this spring for more. SDS's music has been featured on ESPN's X2Day Show, PROPS video magazine, Fuel TV and The Extreme Network. They have played with a variety of bands including Face to Face, The Ataris, Thrice, Midtown, Fallout Boy, Chixdiggit and Bratmobile.

All of SDS's albums are infused with quality songwriting and solid performances. Sarah's vocals anchor their sound as SDS weaves through both up-tempo, happy pop tunes and hardedged punk anthems.

Influences range from Bad Religion, MXPX and Jimmy Eat World to The Bangles and The Beatles.