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Same DNA - Show Time (Mixtape) 2009
Same DNA - Red Bone (Single)
Same DNA - Hustle Hard (Single)

Same DNA - Take Off (Mixtape) 2011
Same DNA - I'm The Shit (Single)
Same DNA - Earthquake (Single)

Same DNA - Certified (EP) 2012
Same DNA - Never Change (Single)
Same DNA - Friday Night (Single)
Same DNA - I Know (Single)



Record producer, music video director, college student, photographer, and entrepreneur are just a few titles that make up the rapping trio of South Philadelphia brothers that call themselves “Same DNA”. Birthed in the summer of 1999, by a third of the group, then 9 year-old Malachi “Mal Mil” Woodard, the brothers, for the last decade, have done everything short of forming their own record label and distribution company in order to give rise to a tangible record deal.
When you hear record executives attest to how grueling and cruel the music business can be, these three brothers have weathered the storm. From spending endless summers in Atlanta, GA recording music as kids, to ongoing contractual agreements with potential record label homes, SAME DNA has managed to survive the brutal highs and lows of breaking into the business.
In the fall of 2003, somewhat frayed, but now seasoned, the group began recording back home in Philly in a small home-grown demo studio on top of their father’s barbershop. Taking what they learned from the countless hours they’d spent in the studio as children over the past 5 years, they began cultivating a sound comparable to that of a major recording studio; from making beats, to mixing and mastering, to producing their own records.

Three years later in 2006, a major shift in the way the three-parts of SAME DNA, “Wakiem”, “Ace” & “Mal Mil”, could share and distribute their music would change the group’s motivation forever. It was called, MySpace. The introduction of this type of social media would streamline the group’s efforts to finally be heard, with a fan-following in the tens of thousands.
Since then, not only through the many other, now popular, social passages, but through their own media vehicle,, the young twenty-something year old brothers have aggressively landed themselves in & on some of the industry’s most coveted outlets, including the world’s most notorious Hip-Hop site,, for their controversial record “Red Bone”.
Quite the contrary to your average rap group, one-third of SAME DNA, Elijah “Ace” Woodard, now finds himself one of the most sought after music video directors and cinematographers in the Philadelphia tri-state area, after recording the group’s official music videos for “I’m the Sh*t” and “No Sleep”.

Never failing to overlook how important it is to “stay fresh” in an industry consumed with appearance, the last third of SAME DNA, “Wakiem” Woodard, makes sure the group is always at the top of their swag and fashion game by creatively directing their style for appearances, photo and video shoots.
Jumpstarting a vision between brothers is something that came second nature to Same DNA. “My work ethic is crazy, it’s in my DNA.” – Ace (“No Sleep”). Coming from a pedigree of family entrepreneurship, the ingredients for success was a no-brainer! Since the 80’s, the “Woodard” name has almost become synonymous with business & brotherhood on the south side of Philly. And this generation of “Woodards” is no different. Before black free enterprise went mainstream, this family had already done it five-fold.
Never in the history of hip-hop have you heard of blood brothers doing it like this. With chemistry more organic than whole foods, they are sure to find themselves in bidding warfare between the major corporate labels in the very near future.

Just this spring SAME DNA released their second Mixtape: "Certified”. They are currently working on a movie that the threesome will simultaneously star-in, produce and shoot, entitled: "No Way Out”.

To learn more about SAME DNA or to listen to their music, visit Or, you can follow them on Twitter: @SAME_DNA, @AceSameDNA, @TheRealMilSde & @GetemWizz.

Contact SAME DNA:
(215) 989-2199 (C) – Elijah “Ace” Woodard or email