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Same Vibration

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
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"CD Review - Didi - Same Vibration - June 09, 2010 on Indie Music Digest"


Didi (Yehuda Didi Levy) released Same Vibration in 2008 featuring an eclectic mix of musical styles showcasing the versatility of this artist.
It is a 12 song journey that crosses into world beat, country, Caribbean/reggae, and soft rock.

A very well polished piece of work, this disc features a plethora of instrumentalists that bring Didi’s musical vision to life. The disc cover Is reminiscent of the album cover of the first 13th Floor Elevators record. Opening the disc were the dance beats of “Internal Revolution” reminding of my summer spent in the dance clubs of Barcelona. “Searching” was a gorgeous track which featured a Caribbean stray accented by steel drum with some reggae touches spliced in for good measure “Just Love” sounded like I was transported to a Mediterranean nightclub anywhere in Greece/Israel during the summer months (and I liked this very much). “Get up and say” featured some incredible guitar work on what is an upbeat rock song found anywhere on contemporary rock radio. Meanwhile, the track “Bob”, was a great foray into country music with vocal harmonies that would make Brooks & Dunn proud. The final track “Look Inside” was a great rocker that brought the disc to a euphoric conclusion. Although I appreciated the sincerity and positivity of Didi’s lyrics, at times they seemed contrived and monotonous (pretentious as a pro athlete who uses all the typical sports clichés in a pre or post game interview). I actually found the lyrics to “Searching” and “Bob” in which Didi took a narrative stance as a storyteller to be much more appealing

Overall, I highly respect the diversity of Didi’s writing and his ability to take risks in his approach to creating music (obviously reflecting the vast array of influences this artist possesses). For anyone seeking an artist not allowing himself to be contained to the imposed parameters of pop by the corporate powers that be, this artist is for you I highly recommend taking a stroll through Same Vibration and enjoying Didi’s musical utopia. -


Same Vibration 2010



Pushing boundaries, musically, lyrically, and socially, Same Vibration have been playing World Rock, with full power and have continued to challenge themselves and their audience to seek fresh perspectives. Exploring new ideas, the music of Same Vibration has a colorful and open personality with provocative lyrics and style that breaks fresh. The album Same Vibration 2010 Tutl Records release debut disc is a unique blend of rock, funk, reggae, hip hop, country, calypso and middle-eastern.

Same Vibration came together in the fall of 2008 in Copenhagen when Didi Levy (IL) put together the band, which adapted the name of Didi's solo album. The band's members come from a Denmark, Chile and Israel and the band has been playing with guests from the US, Japan, Ghana, Kenya and more creating a very multi-cultural sound. The music is therefore very diverse as well, where each song is a different style and many cultures and musical styles are explored.

The band plays very upbeat shows in the tradition of American Jam Bands like Phish, there is a lot of improvisation and freedom. Every show is unique in terms of song selection, special guests and musical surprises. Audiences are kept mesmerized as Same Vibration take them on a journey of cultures and rhythms. The lyrics are primarily in English, although there are some lyrics in Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic. Same Vibration has broken on to the international scene, playing locally until 2011, with tours in the UK and Israel. The band features the talents of:

• Didi Levy: guitar and vocals
• Thomas Thor Viderø: keyboards and vocals
• Søren Tarri: bass
• Marco Diallo: drums
• Alex Opazo Cid: percussion and vocals
• Angelo Quezada: charango, flutes and percussion

The LP Same Vibration, released in 2010 on Tutl Records, spawned such dub, dance beat singles as “Internal Revolution”, Calypso rhythms “Searching” and the ground-breaking track “Just Love”. “A very well polished piece of work.".

Didi and Same Vibration has been busy producing many new projects and remixes, with guest artists from all over the world for the release of their next LP. The band continues to challenge itself by incorporating more musical styles, such as Indian Ragas and Flamenco, hip hop and rap and always expanding their musical reach. They are also performing in Denmark at such places as the Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Global (the world music center).

Get ready for your journey, “Cause we are all part of the Same Vibration”, explore what Indie Music Digest described as “an eclectic mix of musical styles showcasing the versatility of this artist".