Sam Goodwill

Sam Goodwill


With a seeking heart for the elegance of expression and a voice of vulnerable honesty, Sam Goodwill emerges from basements and minds of an eclectic array of willing musicians, ready to share with the world the melody and song that has been laid upon their lives.


After years of various bands and genres, frustrated with conflicting visions and creative differences, Sam Buonavolonta began constructing music in his home studio as a solo/recording project, marking the genesis of Sam Goodwill. Enter (bassist) Rocco Difabio and (drummer), Alan Williams. Both coming from there share of musical projects, found common ground and chemistry with Sam and the three began to bring Sam Goodwill to life beyond the walls of a studio. Months past, songs were written, hearts were broken. A number of guitarists later, old friend, David Mackey entered the line-up to fill the permanent guitar position. Currently the band works with close friend and fellow musician Nathan Stauffer.


Apathetic Men

Written By: Sam A. Buonavolonta

Waiting on the arrow to devastate my skin, and penetrate the heart that beats there in. I'll die with my hands in the air before you ever get around to killing me. Far be it from me to beat you at your own game, the preemptive strike is the bullets travel through my face. Prepare the shot and aim as the bullet enters.
I take my life out of the hands of apathetic men. You are beyond this, so keep kicking the dead ... but possession is 9/10 of the law.


Written By: Sam A. Buonavolonta

Sent to me by a higher power, I won't let you die without a fight. In and out of my mind in the lights, and the lime, it will come with time it'll come with time. On the wayside we'll be better, never want to be who you are it doesn't matter, anyway.
No son of mine will change with the times, you know what is honest and right. The process of flight is the difference of day and night. It's the type of glow beyond light. I always thought it'd be better, but you never want to be who you are, it doesn't matter, anyway.

No Wrong Way

Written By: Sam A. Buonavolonta

I can tell by the way you move your eyes to the right, you got some information locked inside your praise.
We'll be alright! she said through the covers, We'll be alright. All we lack is the scratches on your back, there is no wrong way to leave me. I can tell by the way you move your eyes to the left, you're lying through the skin that's on your teeth. My replacement is comfortably impatient in a motel bed and it's hard to believe it when history repeats, there is no wrong way to kill yourself (become alive)


Self Released 4 song demo

Set List

Our sets typicaly run no longer then 55 minutes