Sam Grow Band

Sam Grow Band


Our music is original rock/acoustic/pop with a soulful feel in the vain of John Mayer, Gavin DeGraw, yet a fresh sound all our own.


Twenty-year-old Sam Grow is a musician, singer and songwriter whose soulful acoustic
performances and emotionally crafted songs capture audiences of all ages. Born and raised in
Southern Maryland, Sam’s love of performing and connection with his fans continue to fill various
venues, often leaving standing room only. Sam’s powerful vocals and highly personal lyrics draw
you into his songs as he tells stories of love, heartbreak and his views on life in general. One of
Sam’s most accomplished moments to date has been performing on stage with Grammy Award
Winner Kanye West for a charity event.

Sam has recently co-written with Jeff Scott Soto (former singer for the legendary rock band
JOURNEY, Talisman, ex-Soul SirkUS, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen). A few of the songs are slated to
appear on Jeff’s new solo CD. This is what JSS had to say about his music:

“Bro, you are the freshest new artist out there. I will be telling the world about you, and if
there's anything I can do to help you along, rest assured I will... People need to hear Sam
Grow. You will be a superstar, my friend!!! - JSS”

The upcoming, second CD release “Ignition”, is a combination of soul/pop/rock with acoustic
overtones. The first cut “Oh So Jaded” has become a crowd favorite. Sam’s vocals really shine
on this song. ”Work In Progress”, Sam’s first CD release, is a five-song EP that is sure to satisfy
all who love his soulful, bluesy sound. The single "Meant to Be" was the Featured Track of the
Day for September 28, 2006 on, and the song peaked at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Growing up in a musical family, Sam began singing in church at the age of five. By the time he
was ten, Sam was already penning his own lyrics. Inspired by his sister who played piano, he
taught himself to play guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Sam was born a natural singer without any
formal vocal coaching. His father was also a singer and is a big influence as well.

Over the years, Sam has played in various bands, but he began his solo career four years ago
He draws his influences from such greats as Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton and Gavin
DeGraw, to name a few. Sam enjoys performing anything acoustic that has soul, and is fond of
rock, pop, soul, blues, jazz, and country music.

Sam is a truly gifted and talented musician, and he shares his love of music freely with others.
His debut CD, “Work In Progress”, is just the beginning. His upcoming release “Ignition”, is sure
to kickstart his career into high gear. Now performing with a full backup band, (Gene Quade - Bass,
Mike Stacey - Guitar, Ernie Freda - Drums, and Chuck Pearson - Keys), Sam is ready to ignite.


My Time

Written By: Sam Grow

(Verse1: )
Well I’m down and my heads still spinnin’ waitin’ too long for my minute of love and it’s time to get reimbursed
I’ve been with cheaters mistreaters and I’m not sures still waitin’ on you’ll get yours beginning to think I’m being cursed
Well I’ve been open minded oh I really thought it out what this love thing is all about and so far

(Chorus: )
I’ve been brokenhearted misused down and defeated
Patiently waitin’ on love’s dedication well it’s my time for love
I’ve helped them chase their big dreams only to get used
Feel she is the one and then get over ruled well it’s my time for love
My time for love

(Verse 2: )
Well I can’t help but think I’m waitin’ for something that just not worth chasin hopin’ this pain will pay off
They say that love is by the dozen well my cartons out I hope lucky 13 is without a doubt a catch cuz if not I will be lost
Well I’ve been open minded oh I really thought it out what this love thing is all about and so far


(Bridge: )
Hoping that it won’t take to long for my true love to come home before I’m sick before I quit


©2007 BMI


Written By: Sam Grow & Gene Quade

(Verse 1: )
I’m on the highway a doin’ 80 and I never felt like this before
You were that back seat, dead beat; cold hearted one that I just couldn’t ignore
It’s hard to remember when the good turned to bad
I opened my heart to ya now we’re strangers in bed
I could see your lips movin' but they didn’t mean a thing
You put my heart through the wringer now I need time to think

(Chorus: )
And I got 2000 miles of black top road
To get past your cold heart and all the lies that you told
I can beat this weakness, B-list feeling that you put me in
All I need is this car and its ignition

(Verse 2: )
Well your mind was full of roads to lead me down and leave me confused
When we intersect train wreck I’m tired of being abuse
You wore me down baby in this stoplight love
Where I would give too much then not give enough
Well this is heading nowhere and with no speed
I put my pedal to the floor yea that’s what I need

(Chorus: )

(Bridge: )
Cuz these miles keep telling me that I am almost free now
It’s my opinion of how
I broke through this bitterness
Drove through your innocents
Your games just broke me down
Now all I need is this air to breathe my set of keys and I’m ready to run

(Chorus, repeat )

©2007 BMI

Wait A Minute

Written By: Sam Gorw

(Verse 1: )
Hey wait a minute this is when you pretend you don’t want to be with me
I confess I’m not the best but I want to be the man who makes you weak in the knees
Come home at night lay your head down and you dream about me
I may not be your prince but the square seems to fit and the problems I can fix in time

(Chorus: )
You should let me try to
Be the man beside you
Baby just give in oh give me a try
No use in pretending
I’m your happy ending
Not your average just bumped into guy
If you let me in your life at least we can say we tried

(Verse 2: )
I know my charm is far gone from the path that will lead to you
I admit I should have quit but since you stuck around let this session begin
You can be my therapy that convinces me that we’re more that friends
Cuz I may not be your prince but the squares seem to fit and the problems I can fix in time

(Chorus: )

(Bridge: )
Try to be open minded baby I know your not the forward kind
Baby don’t quit me I know that its in me I’ve fallen I’m guilty I’ll put in my time

(Chorus: )

©2007 BMI


Work In Progress EP 2006
Ignition CD 2007 (Upcoming Release)

Set List

45 minute sets with 10 minute breaks in between. Usually 2 sets.



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Chariot - Gavin DeGraw
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