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"Sam Grow to Co-Write with Jeff Scott Soto"

JSS PRESS RELEASE announces Sam Grow as Co-Writer

Source: Richard Mace/JSS Promotions

Monday, June 25, 2007

JSS: The 'Journey' Forward

July 7, 2006, Jeff Scott Soto began a new chapter in his life as lead singer for mega legends Journey. June 11, 2007, not even a year later, that chapter ended. Says Jeff "I was looking forward to a long, prosperous future with these guys but it seems they wanted something different than I brought to the table. No love lost though, they know what's best for the preservation of their legacy. I wish them all the best but now it's time to continue working on my own path again".

Jeff has just completed a European farewell tour with longtime bandmates Talisman & is set to continue where he left off on the new solo album he was creating before the Journey call. "A lot of folks are sad Talisman is over but perhaps we may extend the idea of saying goodbye a bit although I'm really looking forward to unleashing the new JSS sound to the world sooner than later".

Jeff has been writing with Swedish artist/producer/writer Paulo Mendonca for the past year as well as up & coming singer/writer Sam Grow on the new material. "Paulo writes the way I dream of my music sounding, everything he touches gold to me. Sam is new on the scene, a kid I hear loads of potential in his own material which I also hear collaborating on my own. It's a new, contemporary, soulful, rock, groove thing with a lot of melody!". The new album should be completed before the end of the year but no release date or label has been announced yet. Sounds can be heard on as well as the many other aspects of Jeff's career can be found at "Thanks for all the newfound support & loyalty out there, I have made MANY new friends & fans the past year & I hope to bring you along for the next ride!".



Work In Progress EP 2006
Ignition CD 2007 (Upcoming Release)



Twenty-year-old Sam Grow is a musician, singer and songwriter whose soulful acoustic
performances and emotionally crafted songs capture audiences of all ages. Born and raised in
Southern Maryland, Sam’s love of performing and connection with his fans continue to fill various
venues, often leaving standing room only. Sam’s powerful vocals and highly personal lyrics draw
you into his songs as he tells stories of love, heartbreak and his views on life in general. One of
Sam’s most accomplished moments to date has been performing on stage with Grammy Award
Winner Kanye West for a charity event.

Sam has recently co-written with Jeff Scott Soto (former singer for the legendary rock band
JOURNEY, Talisman, ex-Soul SirkUS, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen). A few of the songs are slated to
appear on Jeff’s new solo CD. This is what JSS had to say about his music:

“Bro, you are the freshest new artist out there. I will be telling the world about you, and if
there's anything I can do to help you along, rest assured I will... People need to hear Sam
Grow. You will be a superstar, my friend!!! - JSS”

The upcoming, second CD release “Ignition”, is a combination of soul/pop/rock with acoustic
overtones. The first cut “Oh So Jaded” has become a crowd favorite. Sam’s vocals really shine
on this song. ”Work In Progress”, Sam’s first CD release, is a five-song EP that is sure to satisfy
all who love his soulful, bluesy sound. The single "Meant to Be" was the Featured Track of the
Day for September 28, 2006 on, and the song peaked at 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Growing up in a musical family, Sam began singing in church at the age of five. By the time he
was ten, Sam was already penning his own lyrics. Inspired by his sister who played piano, he
taught himself to play guitar, bass, piano, and drums. Sam was born a natural singer without any
formal vocal coaching. His father was also a singer and is a big influence as well.

Over the years, Sam has played in various bands, but he began his solo career four years ago
He draws his influences from such greats as Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Eric Clapton and Gavin
DeGraw, to name a few. Sam enjoys performing anything acoustic that has soul, and is fond of
rock, pop, soul, blues, jazz, and country music.

Sam is a truly gifted and talented musician, and he shares his love of music freely with others.
His debut CD, “Work In Progress”, is just the beginning. His upcoming release “Ignition”, is sure
to kickstart his career into high gear. Now performing with a full backup band, (Gene Quade - Bass,
Mike Stacey - Guitar, Ernie Freda - Drums, and Chuck Pearson - Keys), Sam is ready to ignite.