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Sam Haye - "Good Morning, America" This song has drawn many to a deeper appreciation for the nation of the United States of America. It touches upon the advantages one has as a citizen, despite the uncanny mishaps that have brought fear, separation, and crushed hopes. It also displays admiration, and the honor indebted to all who serve in the U.S. military, while promoting the spirit of unity; for where there's unity, God commands the blessing.

Sam Haye - "Close The Door" This song features a classic Teddy Pendergrass sample; an interesting twist and remake of the original "Close The Door" by Teddy Pendergrass.

LP - WHO IS SAM HAYE (2011 release) (Debut Project)
EP - Tree of Life (2012 release)
2nd LP - Declaration of Independence (Upcoming 2013 release)



As an independent artist, when you have an empty wallet, but a pocket full of dreams, you make the best out every opportunity that comes your way. You take risks and stay up late plotting your next moves, even though the music business comes with a lot of spontaneity. The grind is never easy, but a relentless, top-notch, creative soul always seems to prevail in his/her fight to the top. In a nutshell, this sums up the life of Sam Haye. I am a 20 year old young man on a mission; a mission that requires a high level of tolerance for opposition, an even higher amount of courage to stand up to it, and the remarkable belief in myself, which allows me to continue to follow my visions, even when life's fog attempts to make them all a blur. Using music as an out from the harsh realities life brings, and as a platform to delight and instruct others, I, Sam Haye, pour my heart and soul into my craft. I've released my debut project, WHO IS SAM HAYE; an EP entitled, Tree of Life; I have released 4 official music videos: "Good Morning, America" (featured on my upcoming project, Declaration of Independence), "Close the Door" (this song has a Teddy Pendergrass sample and is featured on the Tree of Life EP), "Like Uncle Like Nephew" (a freestyle done for the official DJ Cut Master C mixtape, Inauguration 2013), and "Go" (this was my first music video; "Go" is featured on my debut project, WHO IS SAM HAYE); I'm in the process of mixing and mastering my second and more mature project, Declaration of Independence. Declaration of Independence is not your everyday body of work. It is a more liberating and empowering piece, which intends to invite all listeners to step outside of their comfort zones and be free from the harmful bonds that society, parents, religious groups, peers, etc. place on people; even the bonds that one may place on oneself. Like many others who are going through the battle of standing up in integrity for what is right versus following what is hypocritically taught and ignorantly accepted, I too have went through this. So, I guess if you want to know what sets Sam Haye apart from other bands/artists, or other people in general, it would be that I now choose to be an advocate of all that I feel & know to be right; that I am now willing to push others to do the same, through my music and any other avenue God sees fit to help me utilize. God bless.