Sam Hensley and Josh Edwards

Sam Hensley and Josh Edwards


Comtemporary singer/songwriter, in the vein of James Taylor, Vertical Horizon, and David Wilcox with rich guitar arrangements and intricate harmonies.


Sam Hensley and Josh Edwards have been making music in their own states for years; Hensley in North Carolina, Virginia, and Washington, DC, and Edwards in Iowa, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. The two met in 2006 at an Episcopal church conference in North Carolina, where they performed together for the first time with a makeshift band for a crowd of 300 teenagers. The next year, the two came together again at the same conference, where they pulled off an incredible acoustic pop version of Rhianna's "Umbrella." In mid-2008, Edwards moved to Northern Virginia, where he and Hensley refined their sound, started to build their fan base and began to perform regularly in the area. Their sound moves in and out of all acoustic folk genre, from pop to blues, from contemporary to traditional, and caters to all ages from teenagers to adults.


Prodigal Son

Written By: Sam Hensley

Hey my son, where you going now?
Gotta leave this place somehow
I said everything I could say
Still you choose to walk away
I gave you all that I could give
Half the land on which I live
But something calls you far from here
I hope that you find comfort there

Nothing more that I can do, as the tears roll down

Every night I’m sleeping less
Emotion setting in, I guess
But if he walks back down that road
Will I be strong enough, to welcome him home
Welcome home, my prodigal son

It’s two weeks since you made your bed
The day is bright and the horses fed
Your brother’s well and doing fine
Working in the fields full-time
But I don’t understand your mind
Running off into the blind
And I shake my fist at heaven’s door
And you can come back here no more

Anger breathes deep inside, as the tears roll down

Now the sun is burning red
Sorrow swirls around my head
Looking out on the morning dew
I see your shadow walking through
Bring the robe and bring the cow
What was lost has now been found
And in love I give my life anew
Finding strength to welcome you

My soul will celebrate, as the tears roll down


Written By: Sam Hensley

I come to you with desire
And a heart that’s wearing thin
I come to you with a beggar’s arms
And a cup that is empty again
I come to you with a burden of anger
Like a stone slung across my chest
Walking a mile is like a thousand to me
No time to stop, no time to rest

So heal my heart, heal my soul
Let it run like water into these holes
Cause I’ve been torn, I’ve been scarred
I’ve been beaten through my guard
A broken man

I come to you with a question
a thought that won’t let go
I come to you with confusion
Which house, which car, which road
I come to you with a hope to renew
The spirit I pushed away
I cannot deny that I’m mostly to blame
But there comes a time, when everything must change, I must change

I come to you still desiring
With a heart that’s learning to mend
I raise my arms and ask for the grace
To fill this cup again


Beg the Sky-1999; Run Like Water-2002; And it goes like this...2008. Tracks have been heard on NPR's Car Talk, and internet radio station

Set List

Open Mic-Sam
December Nights-Sam
Prodigal Son-Sam
Let her Go-Sam
Sunflower Land-Sam
Trying to find a purpose-Vertical Horizon
Holy Now-Peter Mayer
Let your light shine-Keb' Mo
Where is the Light?-Peter Mayer
Lean on Me-Bill Withers