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"Up Close and Personal with Sam Hunter"

What do you get when you have an artist that is influenced by legends such as the Beatles and Ray Charles, but even so, has a very unique style that is all his own, and despite his young age, performs like a seasoned veteran? You get Sam Hunter. It would truly be an understatement to say that the first time I heard Sam sing, I was knocked out by his voice and his overall approach. He gives respect to the classic music of the past, while commercially delivering a smooth, modern sound. As a self admitted music critic, this just doesn't happen to me every day in Nashville. However, Sam's music brought me something entirely new and entirely intriguing, and I absolutely, readily welcomed this positive change.

While he's been playing music since he was extremely young and plays alongside legends in the studio, 2011 proved to be extra exciting for him. Upon asking him about his past year and plans for this year, he said:

“Well, 2011 started by getting a song I wrote and performed placed in the Fox TV Show “The Good Guys”. That happened in December of 2010 but the rush carried over into the new year. A couple of highlights? Let's see...I got to play guitar on a Ronnie Milsap project, that was really cool and I made an appearance in Phil Collins documentary which aired on The Smithsonian Channel. I also toured some with Chelsea Bain and Bradley Gaskin.”

“This year I'm looking forward to getting out and doing more Sam Hunter shows. I've got a lot of great recording sessions on the books and I'm working on a new CD. All fun stuff.”

If that isn't enough excitement for one young artist in one short year, he excitedly had the opportunity to play alongside Luke Bryan this year, and even found out later that there was a snippet of their performance on the 2011 CMA awards. When asking him about this experience, he replied:

“Yeah, Luke was great. Real nice guy. The show was at the Scher-merhorn and was sponsored by The CMA. The event was to benefit music education programs. It's called “Keep The Music Playing.” I was lucky enough to be chosen to play. I got a lot of good press out of that one. I had no idea the snippet would be shown on the CMA Awards. I was working in the studio when it aired. It was the one time I missed the awards show.”

I couldn't help but tell Sam that he already sounds like a legend to me and ask him how he has grown as an artist since beginning his career. He replied with:

“I'm not so sure about the “legend” part but thanks for saying it. I hope I'm still growing because I feel like I've still got a long way to go. But, over the last few years, I've learned that less really is more, tone is more important than volume and onstage is not the place to be self indulgent. I've learned a lot but the most important thing I've learned is that fans are everything. Now I keep the fans in mind with everything I do.”

What sets you apart as an artist?

“I think one difference is the kind of music I write & perform. I don't make political or philosophical statements with my music. I try to make my shows and music fun. Maybe one day I'll go for that heart wrenching ballad but for now I just want to rock & roll.”

Where does Sam get his writing inspiration?

“Great songs and great songwriters inspire me. I LOVE hearing great songs that I know I will never be able to equal. They inspire me to try.”

Speaking of being inspired to write great songs, Sam's new CD he mentioned he is working on will hopefully be done by the spring. He is continuing to work hard and shoot for that record deal (which I have no doubt, he will get!) It is obvious that Sam has already been extremely successful, but he humbly gives thanks to others for assisting him on this journey:

“I'd like to add that any success I've had is the result of a lot of great people supporting me. People like Bob Babbitt, Victor Wooten, Rob Galbraith, Regi Wooten, Gene Breeden & Jay Vern all deserve credit. Thank you guys.”

Sometimes you just simply run across a true timeless, classic talent that you know you will support forever, and for me, Sam Hunter perfectly fits this description. If you haven't heard of him just yet, rest assure, that you soon will.

- Country Entertainment USA

"Sam Hunter Band At Two Old Hippies"

Admittedly, I wasn’t too sold on the idea of venturing out for much of anything in the midst of all of the CMA Fest traffic. However, when I heard about Sam Hunter’s show at “Two Old Hippies” on Friday night, I gladly made an exception. As a fan of his musical approach from the very second I first heard him sing, I knew I, along with my out of town guests would be in for a great show. He once again not only met, but exceeded expectations. In addition to his always exceptional show, I was impressed with the venue it was held in. I had never been to “Two Old Hippies,” until this show, but was glad I had the chance to check it out, and truly enjoyed the environment. This unique music spot that is newly located on 12th avenue south in the gulch area also serves as a trendy store featuring clothing, jewelry, boots, guitars (even Swarovski ones!), and other must have accessories. I would gladly go on a shopping spree there any day!

As I walked in, Sam’s show had just begun, but it was clear the audience was already locked in. I couldn’t help but notice whether he’s playing an original, or a cover tune, he flawlessly and confidently delivers each song with the experience of someone way beyond his years. He wowed his fans with a variety of songs he had written such as “Lonely Bones,” “Could Be Worse,” and many others, while rotating with good old timeless classic songs. His version of “Me and Mrs. Jones” always showcases his strong vocals and his strength of bringing his own twist to cover tunes. He also impressed his audience with Hank Williams Jr’s, “Elijah” and “Lovesick Blues.” This young talent can even yodel! (not even kidding here!)

I think one of the most unusual characteristics that set Sam apart is his constant ability to pen originals that are completely different from the typical cookie cutter Nashville sound, which in turn causes him to have a strong commercial appeal that gives him a “superstar essence,” because it makes him stand out among a large crowd of competitors. In a world where so many artists can begin to sound alike, Sam is a breath of fresh air, and just what the music community needs. He covers all bases and multiple genres, paying respect to each and every influence, while adding a completely individual touch that is solely “Sam Hunter's.” As one of the most well rounded artists I have ever witnessed, I even found myself seeing a little “Elvis” in him at this last show!

I can sum it up by saying this was a show worth seeing, as was any Sam Hunter Band show. Likewise, Two Old Hippies is a venue that I would recommend visiting. Great music and a great environment…what more can the Nashville Local Music Examiner ask for? - The Examiner


Still working on that hot first release.



Sam was born and raised in Nashville, TN where he grew up in and around many facets of the music business. At age 9 he played his first live show and at age 11 he was hired for his first recording session. He’s been busy doing both ever since.

Today Sam's star is rising as a Performing Artist, Songwriter, and Studio Musician. (Guitar & bass are his weapons of choice).

His live shows attract music business legends and he has been heralded by the media as "The Next Big Thing".

His unique vocals and musicianship bring an irresistable energy to any stage on which he performs.

As a songwriter, Sam has had placements in television shows (Fox 17 The Good Guys) and nationally syndicated radio shows (Coast To Coast AM) and others.

In the recording studio, Sam plays guitar and bass alongside such legends as Reggie Young, Bob Babbitt, Chester Thompson, Bruce Dees and many others of equal caliber.