Samir Fejzic Band

Samir Fejzic Band


Festival Sarajevo Winter: "Album “Bosnian songs for voice and trio” is not only extraordinary for its unique approach to traditional Bosnian songs and an extraordinary interpretation, but also by its energy and emotional charge. The music is infiltrated by energy, enthusiasm, love and passion..."


The Samir Fejzic Band, which was founded by composer and pianist Samir Fejzic, consists of soprano Ines Kazic, bass guitarist Almir Nezic, drummer Dino Kovacevic and pianist Samir Fejzic. Four musicians from different backgrounds unified by their love of jazz, a passion for music in general and the excitement of live performances. Since its first presentations, trying to keep jazz alive in an otherwise conservative musical environment in Bosnia, this quartet immediately gained the sympathy of a broad Sarajevo audience.

Band consists of musicians from the academic milieu:

Almir Nezic (1982), bass guitarist, born in Bihac (Bosnia and Herzegovina), studied double bass, theory and pedagogy at Music Academy in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 2009. Currently he is employed by the Sarajevo Philharmonic Orchestra as double bass player and also works as a freelance musician, playing bass guitar in different jazz, funk and pop formations. In 2005. he won a special award attributed by Association of Music Educators Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the student contest of classical music (double bass).

Samir Fejzic, composer and pianist, born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), studied composition at Music Academy in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 1998. Currently he teaches renaissance and baroque counterpoint at Secondary Music School in Sarajevo. His work is characterized by different influences, variety of styles and the constant try of assimilation of classical vocal styles, traditional folk music and contemporary techniques into his compositions under the personal perspective. His interest for vocal music resulted in writing of a book Vokalni kontrapunkt, which he finished in September 2003. and was published by Svjetlost in Sarajevo. He is also co-author of the book of Bosnian Songs for Voice and Piano. Simultaneously with composing and lecturing Samir performs as a jazz pianist and till the moment he recorded couple of TV shows (“Jazz in action” for Bosnia and Herzegovina TV), three CDs, he would accentuate the album Vintage, performed with Swedish singer Karolina Ollinen. Remarkable part of his energy is focused on preserving traditional Bosnian musical inheritance: he arranged and stylized numerous amount of traditional Bosnian tunes. For his work he got recognition of wide audience at home and abroad and received several awards, the most important Charter, in 2001, attributed by Association of Music Educators Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for his arrangements in the project "Bosnian songs for voice and piano".

Ines Kazic (1989), singer, born in Jajce (Bosnia and Herzegovina), received her primary and secondary music education in music schools in Sarajevo. Since 2007 she decided to engage herself more seriously with jazz music and in 2008. begun her musical studies of theory and musical pedagogy at Music Academy in Sarajevo. In the same year she became a singer in Samir Fejzic Band, and performs at cultural events in Sarajevo and other Bosnia-Herzegovina cities.

Dino Kovacevic (1980), drummer, born in Zavidovici (Bosnia and Herzegovina), attended primary and secondary schools in Schwedt/Oder, in Germany. He studied at Music and Art School Jap Schulz in Schwedt/Oder, in the class of professor Andreas Van Den Brandt. In 2007 he was elected as an artist - promoter of Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals, one of the leading world manufacturers of cymbals. He also studied medicine at the Medical Faculty in Sarajevo, where he graduated in 2008. and continued his education in ultrasonography of abdomen and color doppler sonography. Presently he works as a doctor in Dr. Abdulah Nakas Hospital in Sarajevo and plays drumms in various jazz, funk and pop music projects.

The first four compositions from the album "Bosnian Songs For Voice And Trio" listen here:


Bogata sam, imam svega (I am rich, I have everything)

Written By: Author of song lyrics is unknown (traditional)

(Bosnian language)

Bogata sam imam svega

Bogata sam imam svega,
još da mi je ljubit njega.
dala bih mu svakog sata
bijele ruke oko vrata
Aj željo pusta
daj da ljubim usta ta.

Kažite mu ja vas molim,
recite mu da ga volim,
I da cu ga ljubit’ slade
ma od koje cure mlade
Aj željo pusta
daj da ljubim usta ta.

English translation:

I am rich, I have everything

I am rich, I have everything
Just, if I could love him...
Every hour, I would gave him
a white hands around the neck...
Ah, striving desire,
let me kiss that mouth.

Tell him, I ask you,
tell him, I love him,
And I will love him sweeter,
from any other younger girl...
Ah, striving desire,
let me kiss that mouth.


- "Vintage"
- "Bosnian Songs For Voice And Trio"

Set List

If it's a classic concert (festival, etc.), then our program takes up to an hour and includes repertoire from the CD - "Bosnian songs for voice and trio", plus sometimes one tune of Aziza Mustafa Zadeh, which feats well our repertoire:
1. Oriental Dream,
2. Dreaming Sheherezadeh,
3. Mujo kuje,
4. Tamburalo momce,
5. Da sam ptica,
6. Bogata sam, imam svega,
7. Telal vice,
8. Kraj tanana sadrvana,
9. Majka Smaju,
10. Trusa

If we play album "Vintage", than is next repertoire:
1. Autumn Leaves,
2. You Don’t Know What Love Is,
3. Well You Needn’t,
4. Cheek To Cheek,
5. I Got It Bad,
6. Boy From Ipanema,
7. Joy Spring,
8. Cry Me A River,
9. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love,
10. You’ve Changed

But if this is a jazz club performance, then we have the following songs in the repertoire (in two or three sets):