Sam Lamont

Sam Lamont


Guitar-driven, groove-oriented roots rock with full vocal harmonies and a strong sense of melody. Music built from the blues and the backcountry, expanding outward from roots and folk traditions.


Sam Lamont is a musician, songwriter, and singer whose music expands outward from the roots and folk traditions. As the singer and rhythm guitarist for an acoustic string band he has shared the stage with the likes of Larry Keel and Natural Bridge, The Avett Brothers, and The Hackensaw Boys. In 2007 Sam was selected a regional finalist in the Mountain Stage New Song contest and in 2008 Sam won the West Virginia Blues Society’s blues contest in the solo/duo category and went on to represent WV at the 2009 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.

In early 2009, The Sam Lamont Band debut CD “Good Intentions” was released featuring electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and organ. Twelve previously un-released original songs and one revisited from his solo album; a somewhat eclectic sound described as guitar-driven, groove-oriented roots rock.

Sam’s self-titled, self-recorded debut solo CD (2007) is a collection of eleven original songs on which he sings and plays guitar, banjo, mandolin, and harmonica. The CD has won warm praise from the Editors at CD Baby who compared him to M. Ward, Keb Mo’, and Ray Lamontagne.

Sam performs regularly as a solo artist and with his band and tours the mid-Atlantic region from Tennessee to NYC and points in-between. He would love to hear from you and see you along the way.



Written By: Sam Lamont

(Sam Lamont)

Note: This song is about a friends farm in Pennsylvania. There’s a hill called Mt. Nebo that overlooks the farm and the countryside. When you get down to it though, it’s really about the people…that’s what makes it.

Look away down old Nebo
Where the moon shines like the sun
We’ll be up on old Nebo
When all our work is done

Well come on let’s take a tractor ride
And step out to the other side
Every time I’m there it’s always the same old thing
Motorcycles speeding in the wind
Wood fire burnin’, spilling beer with friends
Almost wishing, time won’t ever end

Look away down old Nebo
Where the moon shines like the sun
We’ll be up on old Nebo
When all our work is done

And although the hour is getting late
We’ll climb the fence and close the gate
Looking at the sky the stars fall all around
Bottle rockets, screaming in the night
Shotgun blasting, birds fly out of sight
Almost believing time won’t ever end

Look away down old Nebo
Where the moon shines like the sun
We’ll be up on old Nebo
When all our work is done

And we’ll pass that bottle filled wine
Sing and dance and speak in rhyme
Someone tells a story I’ve heard a thousand times
Kitchen table, filling up with glass
Sleep is calling, who will be the last
To keep on wishing time won’t ever end

All Over Again

Written By: Sam Lamont

I was born in the southland
with a rider by my side
and I grew up working the land
'til that old mule just up and died

So I settled down on the east coast
where I was working on the rail
and I lived without the things that I loved most
that's how it's been it never fails

I'll find the key, Lord, sometime but I just don't know when
And if I had my way I'd do it all over again

One day I heard some talk of a new life
A fairer chance for every man
Thought maybe I could find a good wife
and find some peace now, while I can

So I headed out to the mountains
and that's where I am today
and on my future I'm still counting
but just where I'll be, I cannot say

Come Back Soon

Written By: Sam Lamont

Sittin' around with my TV on
watching the grass grow on my lawn
drinking beer in the afternoon
I'm hoping that you'll come back soon

Talking fast and I'm driving slow
Don't even have no place to go
every sound is a sonic boom
and I'm hoping that you'll come back soon

Staying up every night til dawn
trying to find the reason why you're gone

Wearing my old torn up shirt
digging my heels in the dirt
singing along to some gospel tune
and I'm hoping that you'll come back soon

Sleeping in this old hotel
these four walls I know all too well
staying in our favorite room
and I'm hoping that you'll come back soon

Keeping abreast of the latest news
turning down seats to a singles cruise
familiar words to a familiar tune
and I'm hoping that you'll come back soon


The Sam Lamont Band debut CD "Good Intentions" was released in early 2009

In 2007 Sam released a self-produced, self-recorded
CD of eleven original songs, available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Set List

As a solo artist, Sam
mixes his own songs with old time folk and country blues.

The Sam Lamont Band plays mostly original material with an occasional Muddy Waters or Bob Dylan cover.