Sam Letric

Sam Letric


Sam Letric is a breath of fresh air to fans of music listeners across the world; his music spans genres from classic, blues, light rock, classic R&B soul & acoustic tunes.


Sam Letric is a solo artist of 20 years who has been influenced by everything from Jimi Hendrix, Sam Cooke, B.B King, to Frank Sinatra so when you hear his band you may hear all of the above. In 2007 he released his first solo cd which focused more on the contemporary R&B Blues sound, he is scheduled to release his sophomore album which focus more on the light rock / blues genre. Being a versatile guitarist who began in church makes him unique in that he can take any song & make it his & yet still be true in a sense to the genre in which the song was originated. Sam has performed on every coast & the response has been the same every where ..."when are you coming back". Sam Letric can perfrom at coffee shops, weddings, church events, or lounges, or night clubs & do it with perfection.... that is what makes him unique. His ability to be appealing to vast cultures in any atmosphere. With the help of myspace Sam has began to make a name for himself as an in die, with the help of a booking agents, & or promotion companies I’m sure you'll see or hear from him soon!!


"Show U Me" - 2006 Sam as a featured producer /guitarist

"Balance" -2006 co-produced the entire album.

"Nothing On the Radio" - 2007 (First Solo Album)

Thus far Sam has over 150,000 plays on the internet site called myspace. Sam has recently released a single titled "What You Like" that has begun to get internet radio play & radio play in the across various cities like California, New Jersey, Atlanta to name a few.

Set List

Typically Sam Letric’s set list consists of 50% originals & 50% covers.

Sam can do 45 to 60 minutes sets as a solo acoustic artist.

Sam can do anywhere from 60 to 120 as a band.