Sam Letric

Sam Letric

 Tampa, Florida, USA

A performance can only be as good as the audience perceives it to be right? When we perform we aim to satisfy the listener, our band is well rounded, stylistically, we cover, Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Soul or even Hip Hop genres, based on demand; however, we always perform with "Passion & Energy".


Sam Letric’s musical journey began more than twenty years ago. As the son of a pastor, he got his start in church as a guitarist and vocalist. Traveling from city to city and within various states, sharing a passion with older musicians and an attentive audience came like breathing to Sam. An ever-growing passion soon led him to songwriting and producing with an aspiring artist from Boston, a few stints with R&B groups, and later the birth of his first solo project, Nothing on the Radio (2007). His freshman debut was inspired greatly by heartbreak and was never meant to be an official release. However, the overwhelming response from his fans on MySpace prompted him to.

Though his first release failed to garner much consideration, it provided Sam with a sense of motivation to create something even better. From here, he began to write and record his sophomore album, LifeLuvNMusik (2011). However, eight months prior to the release, Sam suffered a sports injury that required surgery and extensive rehabilitation therapy. After managing to record the last five songs for the album on a broken leg, Sam remained in therapy. The process of recovery took a toll on Sam and he took some time away to reflect on the direction he wanted to go with his career and what his plans would be for his next album.

In the time away from the scene, however, the success of LifeLuvNMusik continued to ignite a passion. In 2013, he began work on his new brand and identity, beginning what he called the “Who is Sam Letric? Project.” This mission was designed to be media focused, using videos, marketing, and a final introduction to an audience, which he’d teased with glimpses of promise.

Though an unsigned artist, Sam has certainly not gone unnoticed. In a review of his album LifeLuvNMusik, Billboard Magazine stated that he would no doubt graduate on to Radio City Music Hall one day: “One listen and you’ll know that Sam Letric is ready to graduate from wedding halls to Radio City Music Hall. He’s that accomplished.”

In a business saturated with falsity, Sam is a strong believer in bringing quality and honesty to the independent music industry. He relies heavily on passion, originality, and authenticity, and his music is carefully crafted and fresh, offering listeners a new perspective on the culture, unfiltered by major corporations. Creative control is very important to Sam. He composes his music via analog, which provides a distinctly old school feel that harkens back to the greats before him. Sam is a modern-day trailblazer, aiming to lead the pack in a new movement of music and inspire other artists and musicians to take their craft and business to the next level.

With the new website now complete, the latest album 7days draws near. Although fans are unsure of what to expect from his constant improvement and consistent development of his style, most are anxious to see what this new album and long awaited tour will hold. One thing that’s for certain is that Sam’s dedication to his craft and business has earned him the right to a listen and that may be all he needs to catapult him to Radio City Music Hall and beyond.



Written By: A.Samuel Larry III, "Sam Letric"

Published by BMI

Precious Jewel

Written By: A.Samuel Larry III, "Sam Letric"

All lyrics published by BMI.


"2006" Co Production "Show-U-Me"

"2006" Co Production "Balance"

"2007" LP Nothing ON The Radio

"2011" LP LifeLuvnMusik