Sam Lewis

Sam Lewis


"His voice, like a whisper-smoky and resonating-seems driven by a quiet, persistent desire, as though he wants more of something he already has. You get it; there is something real and timeless in Lewis' folk-blues that is easy to connect with." - Leah E. Willis of The Metro Pulse - Knoxville, TN


He could easily pass for a character in one of his own songs as a small-town boy from North Carolina, apparently destined for a career working in the mills, who discovers the trans formative power of music. A late bloomer when it comes to rock 'n' roll, he discovers Bob Dylan at 18, gets around to listening to Willie Nelson a few years later and is turned on to Van Morrison just last year. Armed with a guitar and a dream, he migrates to East Tennessee and begins pulling himself up the rocky face of the local music scene, one gig at a time. It would make a great song, but it makes an even better story because it's all true. Sam Lewis is that small-town boy, from Asheboro, N.C., who first came to Knoxville in October 2005. "At the time, a lot of my friends were graduating from college, but I didn't go," Lewis told The Daily Times this week. "I jumped right into mill work and that kind of stuff; growing up I had a lot of goals and dreams, but like a lot of everybody else's, they got tossed to the side. I always kept my nose clean and kept out of trouble, and I've always been work-oriented. But at night, when the Blue Ridge breezes blew east across to the Piedmont and back west again, Lewis couldn't help but think that maybe he was meant for something more. Call it the siren song of music, or the seductive pull of the open road on the heart of a troubadour. Whatever it was, Lewis packed up and headed to Knoxville. He had been dabbling in songwriting for several months, having taught himself to play some standards. It wasn't long before songs started pouring out of him. He admits he had no idea how the songwriting process worked; he usually started with a good melody and went anywhere from there that his muse took him. Choosing Knoxville was another random stroke of luck; he thought the local music scene would be accommodating, and he was right. At first, he got started locally playing free shows at coffeehouses like The Lost Savant, on Broadway in Knoxville. His music is straightforward singer-songwriter folk-blues, Lewis's world-weary tenor and a batch of songs that show off his influences but are original in their own right. He's still honing his chops and finding his niche, and slowly but surely, he's winning over locals. It hasn't been easy, but he's been willing to put forth the effort. And most of the time, it pays off.

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You Can't Breathe, You Can't Shout

Written By: Sam Lewis

Four limbs sprawling, they fall into the floor
As a barefooted fifth shuts quickly the door
Warm malted silence between two busy faces
Their lust has been captured, no more dead end chases

So go on home baby, tell him all about it
But you can’t breathe it, you can’t shout it
So go on home, with your mouth
But you can’t breathe, you can’t shout

Pencil posts dancing, all we hear are passing cars
Only pictures hanging share our secrets in the dark
A shameless blanket held us without one single care
Covered our naked bones, so restless and so bare

No more innocent wonder, all the mystery is now gone
Both trying to remember just where it came from
These walls don’t hold much, all heat escapes with our souls
Ink pages for insulation, this house is just old

Tornadoes In December

Written By: Sam Lewis

White noise is filling, it’s filling up my head
The last thing on my mind is the very last thing that I said
Knock knock at three am, a knock knock on my door
I’m wondering what you’re doing here, wondering what for

Tornadoes in December
Great winds in the winter
Tornadoes in December
Winds we’ll all remember

Tension that’s been building, been building so long
I’m wondering where my friend be, and how long will he stay gone
That lump in my throat’s getting thicker, getting thicker by the minute
I’m wondering what I said does she think I really meant it

A best man in the summertime, will this best man be me
Will these winds be blowing back this best man I don’t see
That gust of wind that shot me here, will it come back around
Or will it twist and toss and turn me to some place I can’t be found

Come On Away

Written By: Sam Lewis

Come on away, come on and stay
Come on away we got all day
Feel all the heat we could beat
Feel all the heat way down on the street
Why do you sigh, why do I try
Why do you sigh, you could make the wind cry
How can you doubt, why do I shout
How can you doubt what it’s all about
The river is flowing, don’t you be knowing
The river is flowing honey we should be going

Come on away

Way past the trees, it’s there indeed
Way past the trees just you and me
Don’t mind your father, soon you’ll be taller
Don’t mind your father, we’ll hear him hollar
Honey oh please, just stay with me
Honey oh please, way down on my knees
You mustn’t leave yet, wait till the sunset
You mustn’t leave yet, no you ain’t gotta get
The moon will rise, deep in those eyes
The moon will rise in your moon pie eyes

Come On Away

It’s turning cold, our hearts will unfold
It’s turning cold, your body I’ll hold
Before you must go, feel the wind blow
Before you must go there’s something you should know
If this is fate and not a mistake
If this is fate I’ll gladly sit and wait
Honey when you’re gone, time will drag on
Honey when you’re gone I’ll be singing this song

Come on away


Sam Lewis - One's a Long Time, Two's a Fly By (2007)

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Original songs: ("One's A Long Time... Album 2007)
Three Roads to Glory
I'll See You Around
One's a Long Time, Two's a Fly By
You Can't Breathe, You Can't Shout
Victory Lane
Queen of The Corduroy Jeans
Sam Out of B
Baby, Please, Open Your Eyes
Come on Away
Tornadoes in December
I Feel Old
She Is The Wind
Sing Us Home
Virginia Wind

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