Samling is a band that binds together Norwegian and Scottish Gaelic song traditions. The band is a development of an exciting new genre of music which has been labelled 'Nu-Nordic'. The five musicians take on the two traditions and melds them into a spectacle of sound, harmony and unexpected twists.


Samling is a collaborative project that was inspired by band founder Anne-Sofie's musical experiences while living in Scotland. A traditional singer from the north-west of Norway, she has become interested in combining the music of her own country with that of her adopted home. Curiously, as she was being drawn towards the traditions of Gaelic Scotland, Gaelic singer Naomi Harvey was also contemplating the idea of exploring bringing Gaelic and Scandinavian music together. When they met, it was meant to be!

Joined by guitarist Barry Reid, they quickly began to form ideas and realised that they had the potential to create a truly unique sound. The Nu-Nordic genre, which by definition combines Scandinavian music with traditions from the British Isles are becoming hugely popular, with bands such as the Auvo Quartet, Baltic Crossing, Boreas and Fribo, of which Anne-Sofie is also a member, leading the way. Samling stands out as the only band incorporating Gaelic song into the mix. The band's sound is completed by Glaswegian flute player Kevin O'Neill with his punchy, lifting style, and Orcadian fiddler Sarah McFadyen, whose compositions form a musical bridge between the songs.

Each member of the band brings with them an impressive musical pedigree. Anne-Sofie, a founding member of the hugely acclaimed Fribo, has also played with Andi Neate and featured in Jim Sutherland's "Cold Weather Dancing". She also performs with up-and-coming all-girl band 38F. Naomi is making her first foray as a professional musician with Samling, but with performances alongside names such as Anna-Wendy Stevenson, Brian Finnegan, Matheu Watson and Allan MacDonald under her belt, she has already made a name for herself in the trad music scene. Barry's rise to fame as the guitarist with the massively successful Croft No. Five gives him a wealth of experience in the music business, and he currently also performs with the Lauren MacColl Trio and the many-headed musical monster that is the Treacherous Orchestra. Kevin is another member of the Treacherous Orchestra, and also the Maverick Angels. Sarah plays with the widely renowned Harem Scarem and is well known for putting her own swing to the traditional Orcadian fiddle style.

The depth of knowledge and experience of these five musicians are brought together in one heady mix in Samling - Norwegian and Gaelic song - together at last!

Set List

A typical set would consist of various arrangements which bring together Gaelic and Norwegian traditional songs, and last from 30 minutes to an hour.

1. Black Tobacco: two dance tunes from each country - 'Svartehallingen' and 'O tha 'n tombaca daor'

2. Seinn: a Gaelic work song combined with the Norwegian Ferdafolk.

3. Siri and Mairead: two laments for drowned maidens.

4. Work and Whisky: a Norwegian milling song flows into a song in praise of whisky.

5. Giullachan and Gakkori: two fantastic melodies combine in this song from remote St. Kilda and a children's song from Norway.

6. Who's coos? : two love songs, one jaunty, one more laid back.

7. Lullabies: two gentle lulling songs

8. Heathen Siadar: two iconic rhythms from each tradition - the polska and the strathspey - mesmerise the ear.