Sam Little

Sam Little


One of, if not THE UK's most energetic acoustic pop acts. Blasting melodies and more hooks than that Peter Pan remake with Robin Williams. Go listen and get hooked.


"Sam Little, your new guilty pleasure without the guilt.
Sam’s music is pure honest pop right back where it should be. Packed with hooks, handclaps and harmonies, you'll fall more and more in love with the colourful worlds of Sam.
Think of the first time you listened to your favourite song and couldn't wipe the smile off your face for days and you'll understand what Sam's trying to create….reverting music back to when it was simple and fun, and you’ll be singing it for days!
Only starting in early 2009, it's been an impressive start for Sam, with quite an arsenal of shows and tours under his belt already, collectively reaching around 100 shows each individually laced with energy and ready to pull you in tightly, but you'll just have to go see for yourself. Sam is happiest when he is playing for folks whether it be at a festival, venue or in the street, ask him to sing and he will sing some of the sweetest pop you’ll ever hear. Get involved."


Fallin' (single release 2009)
Trust Me, Something Beautiful Will Happen (ep release 2010)

Fallin' released as a single, which sold out in the space of a month in the month of september 2009.

The follow up EP 'Trust Me, Something Beautiful Will Happen' released March 19 in the unique form of a fortune cookie. Inside each, is a download site which is uniquely aided by your own personal fortune! Novelty at it's finest.

Set List

Watch Your Back
She's Just Not that Into You
Spell It Out
There's No You in Tomorrow