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In 2003 I began "Chasing Down a Dream" by completing a demo album entitled "Me Against Myself” (MAM). MAM allowed me the time to learn how to write songs, record, and begin to build a fan base.

In 2005, Rodney Gene, AKA "Soundpreacher," a producer based out of Austin Texas, received a copy of the album. The two met and set out to complete a full length album that incorporated four completely redone songs off MAM and seven new tracks. The album, entitled "Lessons" produced four 1st place finishes in song contests at, has been forwarded by TAXI 17 times. It has allowed me the opportunity to grow a larger fan base and to perform a few shows to include BB Kings in Hollywood CA!

After completing "Lessons," I immediately began to focus on my next album tentatively titled "Two Sides of Me."

"Radio Song," a ready for radio single, incorporates the thoughts of a frustrated young artist who will do anything to succeed in the music industry, was inspired by the 2005 TAXI road rally when I came away feeling as though there was a formula for great music! There is no formula, but there is heart and passion!

Eugene Foley of Foley entertainment Inc stated "Radio Song is the coolest song I've
received since being with Sonicbids. I love it! We must chat about that song...."

"Life Without a Care" is a no apologies straight up 80s rock song that paints the perfect picture of an era of music that was lost. It has reached #6 on the broadjam classic rock Top 10 charts and is sure to bring a smile on the face of any listener!

Finally, "Someone Else's Life" and "Suddenly" are a return to the more serious side of me as an artist as heard on "Lessons" but with a more modern production feel.

Someone Else's Life is a perfect movie or show placement song that focuses on the time we all waste watching other people pursuing their fantasies and dreams in life.

"Suddenly" is an emotional ballad that was written when my friend was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 32. It focuses on the feelings and emotions I felt when informed of the news. Another perfect placement song, it is a powerful song sure to affect any listener about how quick the news can come.

I have chosen to focus on my passion in music which is fun, energetic and positive music that incorporates my influences such as Bon Jovi, Blessid Union of Souls, Poison, Def Leppard, and Creed. Thus far, this album is setting up to be a true rock n' roll album.

I am a 29 year old singer/songwriter raised in Woodbridge VA and living near Santa Barbara CA. I have spent almost 10 years on active duty in the United States Air Force, and have sang the National Anthem at several military events.

Currently I am interested in movie placement, exposure and promotion.

To listen to all of my songs please visit or email me at

Thank you for listening. I appreciate your support!


Blood on Blood

Written By: Sam Look

Years and years of so much pain
And you turned your life around
A year of being sober now
makes me so damn proud
You found faith in God I watched you come alive
Your inspiration leading me to a better life
Some people said
You would never change
Some people say

This blood is the strongest that I’ve seen
This blood means so much to me
This blood, blood on blood
This blood

I realize when you needed me
I needed you as well
This blood this love this family
Released me from myself
As we walk through life together if we ever change
Something I will always know this brotherhood remains
Some people said I would never change
Some people say


We are brothers this blood won’t die, blood on blood it’s you and I,

Some people change

I can remember when you needed me
You wrote me a letter you asked me to believe
I admit, I wasn’t sure you’d change
It’s amazing all that faith can bring, it takes away the pain

This blood is the strongest that I’ve seen
This blood means so much to me
This blood has captured all our dreams
This blood is all we really need
This blood, blood on blood, this blood


Written By: Sam Look

As I sit in solitude
Wondering who I am
All the blame I’m holding on
Darkens up my head

I just wanna find a way
to focus on today
Learn to love without the fear
Of the pain of yesterday

I look around and analyze
Everyone but me
I just wanna change the world
but I need to change my ways

Can I just understand
That life is up and down
Why can’t I handle all the pain?
These are the lessons
The lessons I have learned everyday

I have learned the pain inside
Will be gone before my eyes
I have learned that faith in God
Will help me find my way

I have learned the way I think
Controls the way I feel
I have learned forgiveness is
When I let go of fear

Everyday I feel the pain
And darkness settles in
I will have to remind myself
The pain will go away


I am right where I belong
Right where I am supposed to be
These are the lessons I have learned

Me Against Myself

Written By: Sam Look

My dreams are fading
Like a drifting satellite
Slowly falling farther
Each and every night
I hear myself screaming
It’s a sound that never dies
Like the echoes of an angel
Who never compromised

It’s just me

I chose this man I’ve become
My motivation died
A day a night a week a month
Gone before my eyes
All these words I have said
A million times before
I swear I am I will I can
Forgotten at the door

It’s just me against myself
It’s my heart against my mind
It’s the love and hate that burns inside
It’s the way I live my life
It’s just me against myself
Not the things you’ve done to me
It’s the war I seem to fight inside
When I’m feeling incomplete

I reach for my salvation
I’m alive but dead inside
I have been waiting
For my turn to die
As my dreams are fading
I finally realize
I need to nail my past to the cross
And pursue my dreams tonight


Radio Song

Written By: Sam Look, Regan Bell, Rodney Spaulding

Radio Song

Intros are the anti-christ
three minutes is my time limit
Guitar solos are
Ancient artifacts

2 verses three choruses
One bridge with some drama
These are the sounds
for A&R execs

They’re why I’m singing
They’re why I’m playing
I don’t believe in
A thing Im saying
This is my Im playing my
Im screaming my Im faking my
This is my This is my
This is my One hit radio song

Radio song
A song with meaning
Radio song
A song with purpose
Radio song
This is my statement to the world

Add a little autotune
And sound like I’m on CMT
The chords are trendy drop D
modern day

lip sink on my MTV
cleavage makes it interesting
Botox, lypo, facelifts
help my sound


Here it is, here it is, this is it this is my solo
But, but my three minutes are almost over
Why would I spend my time doing something so I mean so 80s
So Bon Jovi, Poison, Motley Crue or Skid Row
I know the A &R reps aren’t gonna like that
And if they don’t like it how am I gonna make money
If Im not making money how am I gonna be a star?
Because you know what? That’s what makes me talented,
That’s what makes me important
That’s whats gonna get me on VH1, MTV or CMT
That’s whats gonna validate me
that’s whats gonna make me an artist
Aw rip it!


Life Without A Care

Written By: Sam Look, Regan Bell, Rodney Spaulding

Life Without a Care

Turn it loose
And remember the times when
You were rockin
back in 87

The girls were sleazy
Like cherry pie
Pouring sugar
Having nothing but good times

You were living on the wild side
Wasting time and singing along

To Living on a prayer
Life without a care
living on a prayer,
Come on and life without a care

Now your life
is getting crazy and hectic
All your time is spent

Its time to smile and
Its time to fly
It’s time to live
Like you were gonna die

So get up and
shake it all night long
Think about when you were
singing along to


Come on
Stand up
Everybody close your eyes


Someone Else's Life

Written By: Sam Look, Rodney Gene, Regan Bell

Someone Else’s Life

Sit down next to my tv
Reminds me who I wanted to be
When I was young
I had many dreams

I’d be a star and save the world
Reach inside my heart and soul
All those dreams
All those hopeful fantasies

Now and then I catch myself
Wasting time watching someone else
Are my dreams a memory?

I’m living someone else’s life
Someone else’s dream
Forgetting all the memories
Of who I used to be

I’m living someone elses life
Someone else’s dream
I know I should be living
For someone else but me

Now and then I visualize
The star I would become
So I drink a little bit
And wonder when it all went wrong

I have a loving family
So why do I feel empty
Trying to find a reason
To feel sorry for myself

Should I wait for my God
to take this empty life away
or should I search within my soul

And I analyze and criticize
Everyone around me
Why can’t I reach the sky above


"Me Against Myself" and "Lessons" are the two albums released. Both tracks have received internet radio airplay. My goal is for my upcoming album tentatively titled "Two Sides of Me" is to focus more on a more modern sound while staying true to the rock n roll vibe I love as an artist. I am not emo, I am not Nickleback, I am not Creed. I am a true artist that does not wish to be a carbon copy of any one artist and I am succeding!

Set List

Chasing Down a Dream
Me Against Myself
Letting Go of Me
Radio Song
Blood on Blood
Someone Else's Life
Summer of 95 (edited Bryan Adams cover)
Waiting For Tomorrow
Living a Lie
Life Without a Care