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Sam MacKenzie


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I'm a Professional Musician, songwriter, guitarist & singer based in Cornwall, UK.

For now, the mainstay of my work comes from covers gigs for which I run a solo act - live vocals & guitar to self recorded backing tracks using a Digitech Jamman. I gig regularly through the year and am looking forward to a busy summer season which is already filled to the brim. I also do some gigs here and there 'unplugged'.

For the future I hope to submit my backlog of songs to a music publisher with hopes of a publishing contract as well as submit for film and tv. I am also gradually writing a new batch of more rocky edged songs that I would like to gig and promote for me personally with hopes of selling my own stuff.

'Shine!' was written for a project and the others are just different stages of finding where I am sound-wise. Shine! is still a song I feel good about and although written for something I had in mind is still a song that I remain close too. I have written another couple for other projects recently too but I don't think they will appear here.

'Anywhere' I wanted this to be a little darker really but it is 'as is' for the mo. Still, a song from the heart about luurve. Open for interpretation however, It got a rave review on garageband as a 'new age christian song', a thought that could not have been further from my mind whilst writing it, sorry!

'I might be the one' is a bit of a, what I would call a 'chat to myself' kind of song if you know what I mean. Kind of just my thoughts at the time listed on a sheet of paper whilst on a weekend trip to Tresco on the Isles of Scilly as I remember. I was working (gigging) over there and enjoying a very relaxing day with nothing to do but write till my gig in the evening. I was lacking in direction in my life at the time really and really just wrote down my feelings.


I might be the one

Written By: Sam MacKenzie

It’s so hard to see,
The things I still believe,
I just keep getting older…

And as the year roll on,
The times I don’t belong,
Get written down as lessons learned…

But I’m not gonna wait for this world any longer,
I’m not gonna hold out for my fate to come along….

Sometimes I make wrong decisions,
Sometimes I can’t find the way,
And just to make it to tomorrow would be something done today.

It’s so hard to find,
The way to ease my mind,
When things don’t go the way I planned…

And as the years go by,
Some things I can’t deny,
Ain’t turned out quite the way they should be…

But I’m not gonna wait for the same time tomorrow,
You’ve only gotta close your eyes and this lifes come and gone…

With one more drink to help my vision,
I swear I’m seeing it so clear,
And just when all my problems start to disappear,
I just can’t fight this indecision,
It’s not that I can’t stand the pain,
It seems like all that I can do, is to start over again.

I’m not gonna wait for the same time tomorrow, no,
You’ve only gotta close your eyes the moment’s come and gone…

Sometimes it don’t come together,
Sometimes I could change the world,
There’s times it gets to feel like I’m the only one,
Sometimes no-one does it better,
Sometimes I can’t change a thing,
I’ll just keep holding on coz,

I might be the one to make it.

Set List

My typical covers material is centred around rock/blues guitar which is where I come from style wise.

I cover a variety of stuff - Pink Floyd, Rainbow, Joan Jett, Bryan Adams, Randy Crawford, Don Henley, Lynard Skynard etc...