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Samm Ikwue

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria | SELF

Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria | SELF
Band Pop R&B


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"Babygirlforeverlovingjah On Samm Ikwue"

Tuesday July 13 2010 12:48 PM “ Ya done know me have to holler u can sing SAMM I oh my fadda ur uniqueness stands out wa awesome vocals so sexy and de special effects make it even dreamer luv it hope to hear alot more from u sir. De harmony up in dem tunes is sweet as well. Sooo modern Babygirl me fav, den U take my pain, Ragga man well dem all good hope to c u live one fine day fe true Yes dare to b different it sells One of a kind put more tunes up der dem all top 40 worthy but de more generes u sing in bigger shot at massive sells . Jah bless & success many people one god chat I anytime or call & sing to me make I light up more fayh be safe and me feet touch africa 1 day already been der nuff inna me dreams ..Bless & Success Babygirl wicked guitar on dem tunes too.Make me a few Dance club now sexy high energy seen star I know u will know what to do SWEATIN ALREADY DANCE DANCE thanks fe sharing ur beautiful tunes papa africa ” - Jango Radio


Baby Girl
Only One God
Mystic Lady
U Take Away My Pain
African Lover
Lonely Road



Samm Ikwue is a new voice from Africa with a message for the world. At 18 Samm recorded his first demo at the graveyard studios Ipswich and three years later, in London, he hooked up (at one point) with a roots rock outfit "Negro n Roots" to record a single (Viviane) at Jim Daddy's roots rig. In 1982 Tabansi Records signed Samm Ikwue and he released an album titled Mystic Lady a year later.

That debut album was produced by Jake Solo, renowned Osibisa lead guitarist. Jake died in a car crash shortly after and Samm Ikwue disappeared into the music underground until 2 years ago when he made his come back with an album titled Queen of Spades. Samm has now gone independent, working with ranking Nigerian born producer - Jackrew. His current album - Taliban, is a new deal for Samm Ikwue fans in terms of music, style and delivery. Of the album, people have been heard to say things like "Yo Its dope bro, its different" Which Samm thinks is a rather nice way to express the freshness of his sound.

Samm believes that it is creatively restrictive for him to express in a single genre. He considers his compositions more in terms of New style fusions or what some have called laced funk (R&B/Roots Rock/ Urban fusion). That this dude is a rebel love Singer/Songwriter with global appeal is not in doubt - the real question is why he chose to come back now? Some say it is to do with a family feud given his musical pedigree but others think his purpose is a lot higher than that. What is not in question is that Samm Ikwue is a new voice from Africa. This voice is a voice that clearly speaks to the concerns of Africans in today’s world. Maybe this is really why he has come back.

SOUND: New style R&B/Roots Rock/Urban/fusion -- incorporating rock guitar solos, exotic Afro-Asian percussion and a distinct soulful song style.

Samm Ikwue's album Taliban is distributed through and it's affiliated retail shops world wide (as well as a wide range of download sites including iTunes) and three singles from the same album - Baby Girl, African Lover and Taliban are available from amazon on demand, placed through Tunecore (

Below are selected comments by jango radio fans on the songs from the album Taliban ( ):- " XLNT Groove/message/song" formlesswarrior Bryon Bay Australia. " Beautiful reggae sound - lovely voice almost like Bob Marley meets John it! " jeannepepper Foothill Ranch Califonia. " This music is so hott. Thanks guys! " - seairra =) Nampa, Idaho. " Love the voice"- tqsimp Mount Pleasant Tampa. " I love it! Master piece!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"- divacashflow San Francisco California. " woooo, love this. u have a fabulous voice xx "- debs, London.

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