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Sam Morril

New York, New York, United States

New York, New York, United States
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"Three questions with comedian Sam Morril, winner of the Laughing Skull Comedy Fest competition"

If you haven’t read out our recap of Atlanta’s Laughing Skull Comedy Festival that went down last week, go here. During our time there, we chatted with a few comics, one of which was winner of the marquee event of the fest– the four-night stand-up competition: Sam Morril. The New York City-based comic snagged $1,000, the promise of at least four weeks national headlining work and more.

Did you feel pretty confident going into this whole thing?
I NEVER feel confident so…. NO, I didn’t feel confident but yeah…it feels good. Any validation cause there’s so many shitty contests you have to do….I mean I’ve done ALL the sad ones but I still never expected anything.

Out of the festivals that you’ve done, how would you rate this one?
It was incredible. I was just telling somebody that I come into any festival or competition with low expectations to have a good time especially cause everything’s arbitrary and there’s always gonna be someone pissed off. You think nothing’s fair, it’s all about performance so I go in thinking I’m never gonna win anything.

Was there anyone who didn’t place that surprised you?
Oh man, that’s the thing….everyone was funny. Even in the earlier shows. I mean I got fifth place in the Semi’s and then first in this…you never know who’s gonna win. Everyone who placed was funny and everyone who didn’t was funny, like nobody was a dick. It was a solid show. - Laugh Spin

"Interview: Comedian Sam Morril"

Earlier this year, Comix comedy club in New York City held its 4th annual March Comedy Madness, wherein 64 comedians competed in a NCAA basketball-style competition. There would be one comedian chosen the winner. That comedian was up and coming talent Sam Morril. This is his story.

Not really.

This is him asking a few questions about comedy and why he was was crazy enough to get into the business. It’s also partly us telling you that he’s opening for Jim Florentine at Comix this weekend (tickets here). And us telling you should go. And maybe you should visit Sam’s official site here.

Now, enjoy our little chat below.

How has your comedy career changed since your Comix competition victory?
Aside from now showing up to my shows in a Hummer Limo, and only hanging out with models, it hasn’t really changed. In fact, I think the following night I was performing in a bar. Every so often a comic will say, “congrats” or “you won March Madness, right?” And I nod. I guess I got some street cred.

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a young up and coming comedian in NYC?
Probably breaking into the clubs. Younger comics need to contend with seniority, and it’s hard to break through. The supply of comics totally outweighs the demand for stage time. There aren’t many clubs that are developing younger comics, but some are starting to.
- Punchline Magazine


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Sam Morril, one of the fastest rising comics in New York City, is also one of the best joke writers in the scene today. How do you know that's true? Because he is writing this bio, and he wouldn't lie about that to get extra work. He won March Madness 2010 at Comix, has performed in a Friars Roast, and was featured in a 4-page spread in the Daily News as "one of the four funniest in New York?" He then won the Laughing Skull Festival in Atlanta, beating out over 600 applicants. Sam was recently named a 2011 Comic to Watch by Comedy Central. His comedy can be heard on Sirius XM radio, and hes a regular at all the top clubs in the city, all at the tender and supple age of 25. Check him out at