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Sam Morris

Santa Monica, California, United States

Santa Monica, California, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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The best kept secret in music


"Sam Morris - Chasing Miracles"

Catchy alternative rock that often bends into confessional, singer-songwriter territory, Sam Morris’ Chasing Miracles is a short five song EP that still manages to tell quite a few stories; some uplifting, others rather grounded.

The EP starts with a little of both, in “Chasing Miracles.” Morris sings “I don’t mind chasing miracles/ if that’s what it takes” over a propulsive 4/4 beat, augmented by piano, crunchy guitar, and traces of chorus-y background vocals and dotted synthesizer blips.

Moving right along, the surprisingly dark “I Pray” has the chorus of an inspirational hymn, but turns moribund in the second verse: “This is not the world I was hoping to see/ people dying just trying to be free/ This is not the God I thought that I knew/ what kind of hell is he putting us through?” While the organ and light guitar soloing throughout points toward resolution, one gets the feeling that things may very well not turn out alright. The overall effect of tempered optimism works well on the first track, but gets a little rocky as the album progresses.

A surprising turn into piano-based blues, “I’m Cryin’ Too” takes a stab at the trials and tribulations of a romantic relationship, making the point that sharing is caring, so “I’m not like other guys/ who wouldn’t want to hear/ there’s no need to keep your secrets from me.” If cryin’ isn’t a big enough downer for you, Morris sketches a life gone bankrupt in “American Dream.” Detailing the plight of a man whose job, wife and general happiness have gone the ways of youthful musical ambition, it’s a pretty bleak portrait that Morris explores without finding much in the way of silver linings. A clean but mournful guitar solo punctuates the mood, but like “I Pray,” the subject seems downtrodden while the music sounds eager – in other words, a kind of odd paradox of sweet and sour.

The EP concludes with its best track, “Got a Reason.” Like the title track, “Got a Reason” traces a life shrouded in darkness finding its way into the light. The success of the track lies mostly in the bittersweet chorus, which succeeds by not overstating its intent, but plants seeds of subdued optimism nonetheless.

Morris is nothing if not earnest, and his songs, while obviously carefully produced, don’t overshadow the real draw here – the songwriting and lyricism. Occasionally Morris’ vocals do sound strained, particularly on “I Pray,” and he could stand to point his lyrics away from the occasional ambivalence that crowds out some of his finer moments. Still, Chasing Miracles accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to bring the listener on a journey into the ups and downs of Morris’ vision.

Recommended Tracks: "Got a Reason," "Chasing Miracles" - Made Loud


Chasing Miracles - 5-song EP, released in 2008.

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Gritty. Passionate. Idealistic. Intense. These are only a few of the words people have used to describe "Chasing Miracles." Sam Morris, despite a serious setback, strives to live life with no limits, and his work fully expresses this attitude! These five powerful and distinctly different songs encourage the listener to transcend problems and find one's inner power.

The title track, "Chasing Miracles," is a rock anthem about following one's intuition on a journey against the odds. Its driving groove and soaring melody deliver a personal challenge to overcome any obstacle and see a dream all the way to the finish line.

"I Pray," reflects upon the disappointments Morris has seen in himself and the world as he seeks the determination to not give in and to rise above them. Its gospel-country-rock feel recalls the mixture of pathos and hope heard in 70s artists such as Jackson Browne and The Band.

"I'm Cryin' Too" is an intimate, classic, bluesy torch song that expresses an attempt to sooth the emotions of an upset lover. This sparse, piano-laden song pays homage to the styles of Mark Knopfler and Billy Joel.

"American Dream" is a social commentary about those who have let their obstacles defeat them and settled for lives of quiet desperation. The mournful lap steel guitar underlines this theme of resignation.

In "Got a Reason," Morris attempts to shed the dark feelings of his past by finding a renewed vision and passion for life. The dramatic contrast between the verse and chorus reflect the eternal conflict between dark and light.

Morris' deep classic rock and blues sensibility expertly fuses seemingly different influences into a provocative stew. This deeply introspective CD is not for the weak of heart!

Sam Morris is the singer, songwriter and guitar player. In the Fall of 1999, Morris, then a 24-year-old athlete and musician, had his life change in an instant. Only two months after leading a 4,000 mile bicycling tour for a group of teenagers, he was paralyzed from the waist down in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. His music is a testimony to his healing process.

Morris is donating 10% of the sales of "Chasing Miracles" to Wounded Warrior Project, a non-profit organization that provides programs and services to seriously wounded veterans.