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The mysterious genius, Miles Davis, first
noticed Sam during Miles' funk-fusion
period. All of the artists that Miles took
out off block became famous cats. This
also happened with Sam Morrison. But
then suddenly in the highest peak of his
jazz career and when his sensibility had
reached a high level, he stops playing
the saxophone to make a career in the
sports business and be committed as a
family man. Nonetheless, music haunts
all spirits when the inspiration is part of
the character. So, during the 1990s the
haunting visions showed him that it
was not proper of a cat to give up. He
took this courage in hand, gets back
to a new saxophone, practices day
after day, reads a lot, and the gift was
quickly awakened, as music is a lover
- impossible to forget or to leave.
Miles Away is an good recording. Sam
Morrison grooves with his sax, swings
and changes all of the stylistic repertoire
with facility. Time cannot stop the
rhythm, so Morrison and the musicians
involved in his adventure make a nice
contribution to the jazz art. Hearing
Sam play is listening to the real thing.
Miles Davis never mistook his choices.
The jazz wizard knew what talent was
, from John Coltrane, passing through
Chick Corea to Sam Morrison. Sam's
last recording is nicely decorated with
up tempos, swinging tracks, electronic
beats (Jeremy Wall on the electric
piano in “The Champ” and “The Way”;
Carl Landa on the synthesizer in “Very
Sherie”) and sincere, overwhelmingly
beautiful chant vocal melodies (Laurel
Massé and Rick Kurek in “Escape to
Paradise”; Angus Richardson and Hamish
Richardson “Peace Love and Cashflow”
and “ Miles Away”; Derek Stewert rap
in “Miles Away”). The solo of Steve
Gorn on bamboo flute in “Very Sherie”
is simply gorgeous. Sam Morrison's r
ecording is an original project, mixing
up interesting vocals and instrumental
combinations. If Miles was still around
today he certainly would take time to
listen to Sam’s fire from his saxophone.
Reviewed by: Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez



Saxophonist and Miles Davis alum Sam
Morrison left the music scene in the late
1970s after having built a very impressive
résumé. He'd performed and recorded
with Miles during the trumpeter's funk/fusion
period, recorded his own critically acclaim
ed Dune, and worked with legends Buster
Williams and Woody Shaw. After a long
hiatus, Morrison is back on the scene
where he belongs. He is currently a
member of the Children on the Corner
Tribute to Miles band. His newest all-original
offering, aptly titled Miles Away, is an
eclectic collection of Jazz, fusion, rap,
and rock and has an interesting mix of
instrumentation. His playing on it is
as energized and fiery as ever.

By Linda Goshay - JAZZNOW.COM


Dune - Sam Morrison - East wind/Inner City Records- 1976
Natural Layers- Sam Morrison - Chiarascuro Records -1978
Miles away- Sam Morrison - Brown Bag Records - 2006



Sam Morrison is a jazz saxophone and flute player/
composer whose credits include being a member
of the Miles Davis Band. His performance with Miles
at the Newport Jazz Festival, Avery Fisher Hall, was very
favorably reviewed in the NY Times and the concert
recording was released on the Jazz Masters CD label.
Bootleg tapes of concert and club performances of the
band including Sam are sold by many collectors on the
internet. His record "Dune" from that period on
Inner City/East Wind records won critical acclaim in
jazz circles as a ground breaking fusion album.
His next album, "Natural Layers" on Chiaroscuro
Records, utilized the talents of the extraordinary
drummer/producer Narada Michael Walden and
incorporated world rythms in a tapestry of funk,
fusion and jazz. Mr. Morrison has played with many
legendary jazz greats like Gil Evans, Al Foster,
Buster Williams, Woody Shaw, and Billy Hart . He
toured Europe playing the large jazz festivals at
Vienne, Nice, Paris, and Stockholm recently with
Pucco and the Latin Soul Brothers. Sam is currently
a member of The Children on the Corner band, the
electric Miles reunion band featuring bass legend
Michael Henderson and jazz tabla pioneer Badal Roy.
Sam studied music at Columbia
University in NYC where he hung out regularly at jazz
clubs like Slugs and the Village Vanguard and at
Fillmore East where he heard all the legendary rock
bands. These influences can all be heard in his current
release, "Miles Away" on Brown Bag Records.
CONTACT: Brown Bag Records po box 12
Claryville, NY 12725 845-985-0514

Saxophonist and Miles Davis alum Sam Morrison
OUTSTANDING!!!!! Start to Finish.
Hi there "Miles Away" oh no, oh no, it is so near
this CD, great performance and production on
this CD from Sam, The variety is very suprising
and keeps you on your toes listening to it.....The
sliding Sax and vocals on
"Escape to Paradise" is a feast for everybody's ears.
For the rest of tracks....hey get the CD yourself
So pick up the CD and
"Lean back and Enjoy ! Joost van Steen Host/
producer Jazz & Blues Tour in The Netherlands.
What a great sound you have, I have played
several of your track to date and plan to
schedule more in future programs. Keep up the
good work and please keep me up to date with
your progress . Michael Criddle OzRadio Triple H-FM

Hi, I really enjoyed this CD. I have 2 jazz shows
on radio stations here in Auckland New Zealand
and will be playing a couple of tracks from the CD
on my shows in early feb. I really liked the track
"Very Sherie"... Thanks for sending the CD to me;
I would be interested in receiving any others that
Sam may have done in the past or will do in the future.
Mark Robinson GeorgeFM

When composing the titles for his album Sam
Morrison knew exactly in which directions he
wanted to go and take along all the fine musicians
accompanying him in his quest. For a talented
musician discovered at the time by the late Miles
Davis , it does not matter in which direction he
goes , have some vocals , rap or a guitar solo
all the titles on this album perfectly ending with
a tribute to Miles ( title track ) are of the same
great quality. This album is really too good to
go unnoticed on a small label , it indeed deserves
more attention. broadcast Radio ARA , Luxembourg
Pascal Dorban

Gi Dussault - Upper Room Radio Show-Co-Host
& Co-Producer 2006-01-12
You need to have this CD. For all music lovers,

no excuse to not have this CD right
now on your CD players. No collection is complete
without this essential. Buy it, you
will not be dispointed.

Michael Criddle Triple H-FM OzRadio 2006-01-01
What a great sound you have, I have played
several of your track to date and plan to
schedule more in future programs. Keep up the
good work and please keep me up to
date with your progress

Valerie Brown-Radio 4RPH. Queensland, Australia.
Have aired "All for One", the first track on
this album, on my radio programme,
“Sounds of Jazz". Comments were very favourable:
"a sensitive sax player with imagination who
obviously knows his
craft"; "a well-knitted group with rapport and
musical creativity"; "guitar is intelligently placed
to give support to the group
and at the same time explore the player's own
pathway”. "I enjoyed listening to the whole
album and will certainly play
much more on future programmes. Thankyou
for giving me the opportunity to
hear this talented group for the first time.

Tony Augarde /BBC 2006-01-15
This CD proves Sam's versatility, as it ranges
from straight jazz through jazz-funk to popular

songs and even rap.
Sam's playing is interesting throughout, whether
on tenor sax, saxello or flute.

Theola Bright WHIL-Mobile 91.3 F