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"Sammus - M'other Brain"

"Lately [M'other Brain] is the only album that I can listen to straight through. Sammus is a super smart gamer girl that produces and raps. Is this a nerd’s dream that’s comes true or what?!?"
- Beats + Crates

"Chicks That Don't Suck"

"The artist name is Sammus, and she is a producer/emcee that is doing something that I find very different and creative– sampling video game music and creating dope songs to melodic 16bit inspired backdrops. This is strictly for the cool, so if you’re a fan of Trina or Diamond this just might go over your head." - Life Tech Music

"Reset Album Review"

Listen if you like: the idea of a video game universe where Princess Peach saves Mario to the sounds of College Dropout. - Bitch Magazine

"Sammus: The Femme Rapper/Producer's Top Five Remix Tracks"

This Week's Rapper (and Producer): Sammus

This Week's Subject(s): The top five songs for rappers to hijack for remixes

Ask A Rapper: For the past few weeks, everyone has been going yo-yo for Ricky Ross's "B.M.F." beat. Remixes have popped up all over. You really don't even have to look outside of Houston to find any. Bun did it. Trae did. Lil Flip did it. Lil' Ray did it. So here's the question, rapper/producer: Name your five favorite "Oh, Man, I Have To Make My Own Version Of This Song" tracks and why. - Houston Press

"Raekwon Cooks Up Real Hip-hop At The Haunt"

"Backed up by hypnotic, well-crafted beats, Sammus put on one of the strongest acts of the night, surprising many at The Haunt with her finale “Mayhem.” - The Cornell Daily Sun

"Raekwon 4/15/12 The Haunt – Ithaca, NY Review"

"The girl clearly has skills and a passion for Hip Hop, keeping true to her art form. Sammus offered a positive, forward thinking set of jams." - Upstate Live Music Guide

"Audio: Random “Faculty Lounge (Remix)” feat. Homeboy Sandman, Donwill & Sammus"

Back in July, Random and Homeboy Sandman gave y’all bad ass kids a little sample of what goes on in the “Faculty Lounge,” via their collabo cut. This time around, Mega Ran adds two more teachers-turned-rappers Donwill and Sammus to heat up the “Faculty Lounge” remix. “Faculty Lounge is more of a call for help than a venting session,” Ran says. “As a teacher, I can recall many days of lamenting over the lack of resources, only to find that many other educators had the same or even worse circumstances in their own classrooms. We all know the hard times that teachers face, especially today.” Ran’s new album, Mega Ran in Language Arts Volume 3, will be out next month. - Okayplayer

"Mega Ran ft. Donwill, Sammus and Homeboy Sandman "Faculty Lounge""

On the remix for "Faculty Lounge," off his upcoming album Language Arts Volume 3, Phoenix rapper Mega Ran joins fellow teacher-turned-rappers Donwill, Homeboy Sandman, and Sammus. The DN3-produced single, with scratches by DJ LES735, touches on each rapper's past experience as educators in a segregated--and sadly unmotivated--school environment. - XXL

"Sammus - M'other Brain"

"As an emcee, Sammus has a clear and confident delivery, and it’s with this self-assuredness on the mic that she’s able to navigate such touchy subject matters in hip hop"
- Scratched Vinyl

"Album Review: M'other Brain"

"Blast this album and share with your friends, because this girl needs to be heard." - Rainy Dawg Radio

"Poetic Justice: Lessons to Be Learned From Hip-Hop"

“Got your hoodie on / they wanna stare at ya / they think you fully armed, black in America,” flows rapper, producer and fellow Cornell student, Sammus, in a track titled “America.” As she points out, criminality has been made synonymous with being black." - The Cornell Daily Sun

"Sammus - Lovesong"

"With an enthusiastic flow, she poses questions like “How can I write about kissing you when I don’t want to share it with anyone?” Little does she know, in an effort to protest crafting a love song, she has actually put a refreshing twist on the popular genre. " -

"6 People You Wouldn't Expect To Be Rappers"

"But unlike her idol, Sammus seems much more content with her as-is identity. As she puts it, “her hope [is] that listeners and future fans will be pleasantly surprised by the contrast between the person society says she should be as an artist and who she actually is.”" - Société Perrier


LOVESONG - SINGLE (March 2013)

RESET [Beat-tape] (Dec 2012)
1. Thunderkat
2. Air Travel
3. Casios & Chasers
4. Slow Spinnin
5. Good in Cuba
6. Freestylin (Interlude)
7. Saturday Night Strrlight
8. Luxury
9. Free
10. Abstract Love
11. Ghouls & Girls
12. How Lovely (Outro)

M'OTHER BRAIN (June 2012)
1. Anything (Intro)
2. Anything
3. America
4. Games & Cartoons
5. BYP (Black Young Pretty)
6. Rap
7. Pillow Talk
8. A Woman
9. Mayhem ft. Chance Fischer
10. Holy Ghost ft. Roderick Vonn
11. Niqqaz Ain’t Shhh
12. No Hands
13. Kanye West ft. Chance Fischer

MARY JANE - SINGLE (September 2011)


1. Lovely
2. Daylight (feat. Natalie Pierro)
3. Hate
4. Promise
5. Fly Nerd



Originally from Ithaca, NY Sammus began producing beats at the tender age of 17 in an effort to become a video game developer. Unsure of how to pursue a career in the video game music industry, she continued to produce beats recreationally and eventually began focusing on hip-hop production. After graduating from college in 2008 to pursue teaching in Houston, TX, she soon began writing words over the production she had been building for years. Fast forward several shows and songs later and Sammus has become a force within the indie music scene, commanding the respect of notable MCs like Random (Mega Ran) and Open Mike Eagle.

Since dropping her Bandcamp bestselling debut album, M'other Brain, Sammus has impressed all those who come in contact with her. Her work has been featured on,,, Sociéte Pérrier and Bitch Magazine among other notable publications. Not only is she a PhD student at Cornell University, but she also uses her brain power to make hip-hop that is both poignant and accessible. As one of the leaders of the movement to increase female representation in terms of both rap and production, Sammus is poised to make hip-hop history.