Spring, Texas, USA

If you like to dance,you will like the cd since it is tailored for dancers and also with good old fashion ballads like Lionel Richie-Billy Oceon and Prince.


Aleno Records


Official Band
Band members- Sammy A.

Instruments and 20 years ago in the name of funk, singer, songwriter, and producer Sammy A has mastered the sound of the new age funk.

A West African native who grew up in the US during the seventies, soul music, rock, and reggae infused his mind and talent.

From this new sound of funk, the new age funk was born. Musically the new age funk will garner a new generation who will get down with the get down. If you’re ready to be reborn and inspired by this instrumental genius, then you’re ready for Sammy A.

Discography-The New Sound of Funk


"A New Sound of Funk” is a mixture of funk, rock, jazz, blues, and some reggae feel.
This type of sound is what I call the new-age funk”.
These are songs that will get you off your feet---bopping your head and make you move
side to side when sitting or standing up---This is how powerful these songs are.

Listening to the ballads will make you think, since you or somebody you know could relate to the lyrics which make the ballads very powerful due to the message in them. This is what the “New-Age Funk” sound is about. If you like artist such as James Brown, Lionel Richie, Cameo, Billy Ocean, and Prince, Grover Washington and other Funk-Jazz artists then you will like this CD.