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Sammy P

 Oakland, California, USA
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opening a show, or the main feature i will be the one the crowd came to see. high energy smooth lyrics over million dollar beats.. "Sammy P has become a crowd favorite almost overnight!" NUTTIN 2 SOMETHIN AVAILABLE NOW!" -"I STAY ON MY GRIND AVAILABLE NOW!"


The industry needs emcee's with substance. Sammy "P" blends his Hyphy style with real-life lyrics and unpredictable rhyme patterns. Unlike much of the competition, Sammy "P" uses a realistic, and street savvy set of rhymes to tell stories of the day to day struggle. With tracks like "Family", Sammy "P" stays true to his loved ones, close and distant, and the track "Homeboys" is the new anthem for all the homies worldwide. The rich substance is delivered with a down to earth and universal intellect that anyone can relate to making Sammy "P" appealing to people from all corners of life.
Not only does an emcee need to be an eceptional lyricist to appeal to the masses, but an emcee must be a talented showman. Sammy "P" has a pimp swagger and a Hyphy mentality. He demands attention on the mic and the passion put into every rhyme is evident with every line he spits. From rapping at parties for breezy's back in the day, to blazin' shows in the Northwest, Sammy "P" keeps the attention of every ear he grabs.
Sammy”P” takes you back to the roots of Hip-Hop. Born in Oakland,CA Febuary 28th 1982, he is as comfortable spitting over a West Coast gem as he is dropping a verse on the next Down South or East Coast classic. With roots in Hip-hop since he was a baby, Sammy "P" has been a student of Hiph-hop culture his entire life. Through the struggles and madness of life, Sammy "P" has always found a place to keep his mind right with Hip-hop music and has been living it, and repping it to the fullest since he was old enough to talk.
"Straight out of the womb it has been a war against myself. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, the good and the bad..Laced with game at an early age I was taught and sprinkled by pimps, playa's, prostitutes and gangsta's. It prepared me for the world; and for the life ahead of me. Life hasn't been all that bad, but I can remember times when it definatly wasn't all good. Just like anyone else. . . It's all a struggle. Trial and error! Regardless... I'm a "Rida". I stick my chest out, hold my head up, soak up the pain, and come back with fire... Thats just the way I was made to be! If it wasn't for the things I have been through and the pain and sorrow I have felt I would never be the person I am today... I wouldn't trade that pain for anything.I love my life and I love who I am. Rappin' is my outlet! When I'm at rock bottom, I write raps and let it all out. It's my "GOD" given talent! It's the one thing that nobody can take away from me. With that said... that's a little about me in a nutshell! 1-LUV SAMMY"P"

his long awaited album
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NUTTIN 2 SOMETHIN is currently getting airplay at Kmel,105.9 rythm, XM radio, v100.7fm, boom box radio,music choice, comcast, kpsu college (portland OR)all over the internet, American Idol Underground, my space, , madd radio, dpg radio "snoop dogg radio", monkey lab's radio, cpg radio and other various sources.

Sammy "P" " nuttin 2 somethin" available now!
Sammy "P" I stay on my grind available now!
Sammy "P" Beyond the glory summer of 2009
Sammy "P" is featured on DJ Vlad's hot in here 8 AllStar Mixtape
20,000 copies given away at the all-star game feb. 12th 2007
Sammy "P" is featured on Ghost ride the whip dvd

Sammy "P" is also ft on Dj vlad's hot in here 9
20,000 copies given away memorial day in miami fl.

Sammy "P" is featured dj vlads rockstar blends vol 1 & 2

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Sammy "P" is featured jt the bigga figga we stay smashin mixtape.

Sammy "P" is featured dr. dre's son hood suregon mixtape.

Sammy "P" song "summertime" & "count on me" co produced by Jon Young, is ft. on Track breakers Jon young and J. Cash mix tape

look out for sammy p's sophmore release "i stay on my grind." DROPS available now!

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1-10 songs from 5 to 45mins.