Sammy SoulShip and Friends

Sammy SoulShip and Friends

 Spokane, Washington, USA

Sammy SoulShip and Friends is a roots music band, bent on changing the world for the better from the inside out. Our music is a positive breath of fresh air that leaves an aftertaste of hope. Though Sammy SoulShip and Friends is an all original venture, such compliments have been given it such as, ‘I hear Ben Harper’ or ‘Sounds like Jack Johnson’ or Richie Havens , Michael Frantai and such.


Sammy believes in playing from the heart entirely which is a storehouse of wealth to those that look within.
Sammy is a self taught Guitarist/Singer Songwriter, who played successfully as a drummer for 23 years. Making the permanent transition to guitar has been a journey long in the works. Growing up in the Folk music scene, it is obvious by the organic sounds that encompass Sammy’s music style as well as many detailed guitar rhythms that will never bore you.
Combined with talented vocals and hand percussion from TJ List and bass bones from Sam Lux, Sammy SoulShip and Friends anticipates a bright future with plenty of room to grow.



Written By: Sam Matthews

By Sam Matthews
(Sammy SoulShip)
July 29, 2010

Bright light is shining, its time for dancing
Grab the arm of someone next to you
Spin around and make a happy sound

Its time to play
You’re not too old today to run
Run around and have some fun
Its time to play

Break away from the hum drum
Get out and dance today
Break away from the hum drum
Get out and dance today

And love someone, in a brand new way
It’s ok to love and to love to say
Well it’s alright, and its ok, alright today

Roll up your sleeves and get serious about this one
Its not too late, to have some fun… with me
Spend some time, have a date with your best friend
It’s alright with me, to have some fun!

Im on my way back home

Written By: Sam Matthews

I’m on my way home
By Sam Matthews November 17th, 2010

The path is so long
Yet so short the time is moving on
Seems so strange to me
That just the other day I’m making my way back home

I picked some flowers in the rain
I gave them to my best friend again
The day winds down and moves on
The clock is ticking towards our way home

I’m on my way, my way, way back home
And I’m, on my way, my way, way back home
And I’m on my way, I know my way back home

Can’t let it tick away
Like rock and a pick it chip away, again
A little pile of ruble
I’ll make it into clay

I’ll give my time away
To make a better day today
Its not so far away, so share the day
And know your way back home

I hope you know your way back home


Written By: Sam Matthews

By Sam Matthews
(Sammy SoulShip)

Verse 1
I cannot be your antidote
Not your numbing or testing
I cannot be your savior even if you try
I cannot be your alibi

But I will be your friend
I will lift you up again
But I will be your friend
Together you and me we’ll be a friend-
I will be your friend!

Don’t get lost in me or you’ll get lost in you
I’m not the one who will pull you through
I’m just a guy just like you
I need something too.

Let’s gather and dance in the sun
Thank God in presence of strangers and friends
We will plant a seed
We will grow a tree
There will be enough for everyone

Please don’t put your yoke on me
I’m not accustomed to your slavery
Can you love me as I am?
Friendships better when you can


Written By: Sam Matthews

By Sam Matthews
August 26th 2010
Capo 2nd fret

To many people they want to go but don’t
They are sitten stationary, they don’t know, they don’t even know
They are wasten their days chasen money for play
One day their roots will dry and their tree will turn into a stump
A place for someone else to sit
Oh, life would be a shame to miss
Oh life would be a shame to miss

Some people say you should love but they don’t
They weigh themselves and others that they don’t even know
They are wasten their time but not mine you’ll see
Or maybe you won’t, cause maybe you wont see me at all
I’ll be gone you’ll see
Or maybe you’ll be just like me
Thiers so much in life to see
Oh life would be a shame to miss

Stump, stump, maybe a lump
Like a beetle on his back, like a stink bug nap
It was a, stump, stump, like a camel with no hump
Like candy not so sweet, like some leaves without a tree
I’m shining in the sun, and I’ll let no one pull me down


On my way back home Ep
Released April 17th 2011

Set List

On my way back home
We can shine
Lift up your head
Run away with me
The dance
Whats up
Outside today
---we can play less or more---