Sa Mon Di

Sa Mon Di


The Sa Mon Di Collective is a multimedia arts collective based in South-East England. The first band to emerge from the collective is Sa Mon Di, the brain child of Kofi Dako and features some of Ghana’s and the UK’s finest musicians.


Sa Mon Di translated from French Creole means “this we speak.”
Sa Mon Di’s logo (an ancient Asante adinkra symbol) stands for toughness, dynamism,
adaptability, initiative and versatility.
Sa Mon Di are exponents of live Ghanaian highlife and African fusion.
Ghana was the first black African country to gain independence in 1957 and highlife
was closely identified with the independence struggle.
Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first president of Ghana realized the value of music in the
independence struggle and the liberation of all people.
He supported many highlife bands and would tour with highlife musicians on his state
This album features different types of live highlife; one of Africa’s great musical forms
and African fusion from a band that are being recognised as one of the leading lights of
this type of music.


Albums to be released:
-Power of Belief
-Temporary Setback

Set List

Eh De Lie
Empty Promises
Deserve to be Free
Trouble Trouble
Latin Quarter
You Go Go