The Single Life (with Sam Phillips and friends) Lecture

The Single Life (with Sam Phillips and friends) Lecture

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The Single Life with Sam Phillips is a multimedia brand (tv and radio show/podcast/blogs) that discuss sex, dating and relationship topics. Sam, along with her diverse co-hosts and famous celebrity pals, helps everyday people navigate the single life with humor, honesty, insight and understanding.


About The Single Life:

The Single Life with Sam Phillips is an established, long-running Los Angeles radio property that has made the move to national network cable TV and onto the internet with Podcasting. The show is Sam Phillips’ irreverent take on sex, dating and relationships, presented in Sam’s unique way for her decidedly male audience.

The Single Life Podcast on Hot Talk LA is the explicit, raw and uncensored online version of the wildly popular TV series The Single Life with Sam Phillips that currently airs on Mav TV (in 40 million homes) and was broadcast for 5 years on 97.1 FM Talk / KLSX in Los Angeles. On The Single Life Podcast, Sam Phillips and her crew – Chris, Yanira, Monkey, Daymon, Langdon, Crysta, Ron, Marvin, Esai, Michelle, Jaime, and Gary – all talk about topics relating to sex, dating and relationships that people secretly think about but rarely hear discussed openly, all while candidly saying the things most people are too afraid to.

Getting to the heart of an issue with their unique and varied personalities and multi-ethnic backgrounds, Sammy and the Single Life crew dole out their irreverent brand of advice in a funny, honest, sexy, no holds barred, straight to the point way with genuine enthusiasm. You can relate to knowing each of them and their tales while they talk openly as if they were your friends, lovers and exes, but without the filters. It’s raw pure excitement among friends, and every show you’ll feel like you’re in their inner circle, because you are. It’s like you’re hanging out at a party with your best friends, while tackling the taboo and learning something new.

The Single Life Podcast caters to all ages, men and women, the single and the taken. Wherever you are on your sexual journey, this show in whatever incarnation, doesn’t play by the rule of apologies or censorship, and guarantees that no topic or conversation is off limits!

Sam’s MAV TV version includes an entertaining, extended cast of characters including radio co-host, Chris Leary, and Sam’s entire behind-the-scenes crew; Monkey, Yanira, Jaime, Jorge and Gina. Sam executive produced, produced and host this 26 episode, half-hour comedy talk show in it's second season.

On both the TV show and podcast, discussions are made more compelling with the addition of Sam’s celebrity guests; Lorenzo Lamas, Pauly Shore, Lisa Lampanelli, Esai Morales, Young MC, Ice T and Coco, Daisy De La Hoya, Shauna Sand, Robert Schimmel, Justine Bateman, Jeff Conaway and Vikki, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Mystery and Matador, Hal Sparks, Lou Ferrigno, Riki Rachtman, Slade and Gretchen from Real Housewives of OC, Capri Anderson, C Thomas Howell, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Shawnee Smith, Ron Jeremy, Rondell Sheridan, Adam Hunter, John Heffron, Rick Overton, Jackie 'The Jokeman' Martling, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Chris "Kid" Reid, Bruce Buffer, The Rad Girls, Marcus Allen, Rick Fox, Gretchen Bonaduce, Nikki Nova, Aria Giovanni, Sunny Lane, Kayden Kross, Kato Kaelin, Johnny V, Dr. Frank Ryan, Terri Nunn, and many many more. Sam has been a fixture in Hollywood for years and has a rolodex of friends to prove it. She gets more out of her celebrity guests because she knows them personally, but her show is compelling even for the non-celebrity episodes.

Now Sam and her crew now want to bring The Single Life show and subject matter to university stages across the country to discuss topics that are relevant to college aged students: 1st jobs, internships, 1st sex experiences, banging classmates, sexuality preference (straight/gay/bi/trans), safe sex, responsibility, hygiene, partying, practicing diversity and tolerance, racial profiling, student loans, branding yourself, finding mentors, building relationships, going the extra mile, setting boundaries, paying it forward, work ethic, dream jobs, accepting change, date rape, false accusations, cliques, being bullied, street smarts, IQ vs. EQ, being a good person, volunteering, self awareness, self love, tips to meet chicks, overcoming shyness, picking the right guy, how to navigate the single life, rules for relationships, having kids at a young age, and much much more.

If only we had someone to tell us back then, what we all know now, we probably would not have made half the mistakes we did. That's the reasoning behind this particular group wanting to bring our message to the masses, to pass down the valuable information we learned by making mistakes -- and teaching life lessons for the future so today's generation don't make the same ones we did. We are all speakers by trade and activists and volunteers for causes we believe in.

We intend to bring a condom company on board, to give away "Shag Bags" (our version of the Hollywood 'Schwag Bag' that they give away at big swanky events), at the end of the lecture to all the students -- filled with condoms, lube, and other responsible items for sex. We feel that as long as we're addressing that topic with students, the overall message we would like