Sample the Martian

Sample the Martian

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

Sample the Martian is verbal wizardry over unconventional combinations of funk, electronic, psychedelic, darkness and hip-hop. Each song is like a poster that from far away might look like Yoda but when you get closer you realize that each pixel is an individual picture from Star Wars.


Multi-instrumentalist eMpyre ramireX engineers, codes and assembles multi-dimensional sonic landscapes and lyrical mind f**ks for deep feeling thinkers to relate to.

Sample the Martian has been nominated for 6 Detroit Music Awards.

Sample the Martian was used by ABC's Police Drama: Detroit 1-8-7

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Self-Made Loner (2010)
Rhyme Torrents Halloween Compilation (2010)
Rhyme Torrents 8.3 (2008)
Untyin' Lost Souls (2004)
Share Warez (2002)