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Sam Pollard

Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Sam Pollard's recently released CD “World of Difference” is a poetic storytelling of songs inspired by making a difference in the world. Pollard’s vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events. The album is masterfully produced as each song is clean and clear with instruments connecting well with the vocals. Listen to a touch of horns on “The Other Side” as they add a distinctive flavor to this song while the lyrics speak of how things may be different somewhere else. “Out” highlights a beautiful piano solo adding eloquent diversity to the quality of musical styles throughout the CD. The guitars are edgy and hammer out strong rock power chords with a steady driving beat. You will find “World of Difference” quite enjoyable if you like polished alternative rock with a strong message. -

RadioIndy is proud to present Sam Pollard a GrIndie Award for their CD "World of Difference." A GrIndie Award is RadioIndy's stamp of approval that this CD is an excellent quality CD. Please join us in congratulating this artist on this accomplishment. -

Sam Pollard blew us away when he did a couple of live accoustic tracks in the studio when he came in for a chat about his new release "World of Difference" on Viv's
Check It Out program, it was a sensational off the cuff effort and shows just how talented this performer is.

Mark Missen, President of Southern FM Radio Melbourne. - Southern FM Radio

Sam Pollard - World Of Difference
2009, Sam Pollard

Melbourne, Australia’s Sam Pollard has been banging on the keys since he was five years old. Raised in England but relocated to Oz, Pollard began to bloom early as a musician, and was soon writing his own songs. 2009 sees the release of Pollard’s sophomore CD, World Of Difference. In a word, the album is amazing.

World Of Difference is an album with multiple personalities. Sam Pollard is a guitar rocker, a piano rocker ala Ben Folds, and occasionally a ska rocker ala Sublime. The currents change on World Of Difference as often as does the wind here in Buffalo. The result is an amazingly fluid and enlightening listening experience. World Of Difference opens with Better Day, a catchy "things will get better" anthem that's quite enjoyable. What To Do What To Say is a great love song with an unusual arrangement that's a bit rough around the edges but perhaps all the more charming for that fact. Not your typical love ballad but still a big-time mix-tape pick. Blah Blah sinks into a fancy bit of post-Punk Bubblegum Pop with real commercial potential. On Better Way, Pollard sounds like Ben Folds got locked in a studio with Queen and the horn section from the classic, late-60's/early-70's Chicago albums. The melody here is strong but the arrangement is pure genius.

The Other Side brings in a bit of Funk and Ska to the Ben Folds style Piano Rocker. Pollard shifts to Fold's influences on Out, hitting on big harmonies and Billy/Elton-esque themes before offering a fun and frolicking interlude on Earplugs. Whoops marks the transition to big guitar rock album and is probably destined to be a concert favorite. Save Me is probably one of the weaker tracks on the album but is built on a distinctive guitar riff that was worth following through on. It's actually a pretty decent song but just doesn't live up to the level of much of the rest of the disc. You Know is catchy to the point of being virulent. It's not a terribly complicated song but is quirky enough to break the Pop/Rock radio wall; this one has real commercial potential. Pollard returns to the Foldsian Piano Rock style on World Of Difference for a somewhat quieter epilogue to an album that ends up being a real pleasant surprise.

Sam Pollard is the real deal, and World Of Difference is destined to be an album that a lot of people are going to want down the road. An album or two in the future this guy is going to break out big time and people will be clamoring for his early releases. The two distinct musical personalities of Pollard co-exist here nicely, although the Piano-based rock is generally the strong of the two. World Of Difference is an album to put on your listen-to/get list. It's that good.

Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5)

You can learn more about Sam Pollard at or You can purchase World Of Difference as either a CD or download through CDBaby.


Radio Play: Southern FM Melbourne - 1 hour live on-air interview with 2 live acoustic songs and 8 played from the 'World of Difference' album.

Radio Play: Southern FM Melbourne - Live 30 minute Acoustic set on air streamed from Mentone Railway station.

Radio Play: Airplay of 'What to do What to say' on BBC radio in the UK

Radio Play: Multiple plays of various tracks from the 'World of Difference' album on several community stations across Australia. Streaming on several internet radio stations.

Album: 'World of Difference' released 28th Nov 2008.

Compilations: 'What to do What to say' Track featured on 'Droughtbuster' Album from Hard Rush Music (AUS).

Compilation: Track 'What to do What to say' featured on Album 'Compilation 02' from Lakeland Records (UK).

Album: 'Mixed up' - Released June 2007

Album: '4:15' - Released February 2000



NEWS FLASH: Artist of the week on 10th August 2009 - 17th August 2009.

MELBOURNE based musician Sam Pollard started playing the piano at the age of five and never looked back. As well as writing all of his own music, Sam plays piano and keyboards, electric and acoustic guitars, cornet, trumpet and trombone, and sings in various styles.

Raised in the UK but relocated to Australia, Sam's musical influences include the best of British rock as well as classical and jazz styles. Classically trained, with live experience ranging from rock to big band jazz and improv, Sam's excitement for music shines through in his performances. “Sam Pollard blew us away when he did a couple of live acoustic tracks in the studio” said Mark Missen, President of Southern FM Radio in Melbourne. “It was a sensational off the cuff effort and shows just how talented this performer is”. Sam’s songs have received extensive radio play in Australia and internationally.

Sam has recently completed a professional studio recording of his album "World of Difference" with his band and producer Jimi Maroudas at "Sing Sing" studios in Melbourne. The album received a GrIndie award from RadioIndy who said “Pollard’s vocals are rhythmical and have a fashionable flair of alternative pop/rock. His lyrics are narrative and bouncy and he delivers a message within each song as a chronicle of events.”

Recent achievements include the inclusion of the song "What to do What to say" on two compilation albums in Australia and the UK, and success in the 2008 UK Songwriting Contest with "Blah Blah" reaching the finals in the Rock/Indie category (top 30 out of 6200+ entries) and "What to do What to say" reaching the semi-finals in the Pop category.

With 100s of CDs making their way out of the door, Sam and his band have had a busy year developing their fan base through playing festivals and gigs and are looking forward to touring Australia in November and December 2009.

Sam’s music crosses a number of genres from acoustic singer-songwriter to alternative rock and has been compared (amongst others) to Robbie Williams, Queen, Ben Folds Five, David Blunt, Muse, Crowded House and Lior.