Samsara is energetic and authentic rock/pop, showcased with much passion and sensuality.


If you're looking for energetic and authentic rock with a hint of pop,
showcased with much passion and sensuality,
it's Samsara that you're watching out for.

The band was founded in Vienna in April 2007, and had its first radio-airplay in July. They gave more than 20 concerts since their start, and they played amongst others at the legendary Vienna discotheque U4.
Further more Samsara came off as winner at the Vienna Band Contest in September 2007.

There's this balanced selection of rousing rock-numbers and profound ballades that carries away the audience to melodic and pulsative heights.
Nobody will stand still at this theatre of energy, least of all
the musicians around their wild singer Tamara Trombitas.

Samsara is like a red tiger-
free, strong and intense

Set List

Our sets usually are 1 1/2 hours long.
Our covers start at Rock'n'Roll songs by f.i. Chuck Berry and end with the late sixties f.i.Beatles