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"SAM SCARFO is the ultimate emcee package; fearless swagger, cocky attitude, sharp lyrics and a mastery of music."


Out of all the emcees in the entire world dying for this spot, Jay Z’s first artist goes by the name of SAM SCARFO. He could possibly be the luckiest man on earth, and now is the perfect time for his grand entrance.

The Plainfield prodigy, pimped the game by force when he and longtime business partner, Lawrence “L” Kyser formed GP Records in 2001. GP’s Buzz tripled after SCARFO made Fight Klub history in 2004.

"They say I won the most money at Fight Klub in the shortest amount of time in history. I just took my show up to the 29th floor, and did what I had to do."

The family now consists of a brash five man group called Con-air, and the sexy songstress, Andrea Lee. Like Rocafella and Bad Boy, GP Records is poised to take their opportunity in the white hot light of entertainment and parlay it into viable businesses, in any industry.

The Brooklyn born, New Jersey native, has since been dubbed the "Next Big Thing" by Def Jam heads, and is also said to be a top priority at the label. With the addition of 3rd partner, manager Storm (of Purfek Storm Ent.), SCARFO diligently prepares to become the next king.

SAM'S a natural. He’s a breath of fresh air inhaled by an overcrowded multi billion dollar industry. Without a whole bunch of mix tape noise or underground DVD appearances, Scarfo is absolutely certain to take Def Jam back to number one. It’s only right.

Prepared by Kevin M. English


"SUMMER OF SAM" The Street Album, Hosted by DJ Big Mike. (August 2005)
GP Records/Def Jam

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