Sam Smith

Sam Smith


Sam Smith is an acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter. Having played guitar since the age of 8, he has a firm grasp and knowledge of music and songwriting. Folk and Blues echo in Sam Smiths catchy melodies, and a theme of the ocean runs through his songs. Keep ears open for Sam Smith.


About Sam Smith…

An acoustic guitarist and singer/songwriter, Sam’s story starts at the tender age of eight. Influenced by the likes of Neil Young and Led Zepplin, he found comfort in the family nylon string and slowly started to create an innate style of his own. However, it wasn’t until his early teens, with a love for the guitar firmly embedded, that his intimate vocal sound and smooth, appealing lyrics started to unfold.

Born in Port Lincoln, South Australia - a small town almost surrounded by water - it’s no surprise home is a big inspiration for a lot of Sam’s songs. He started surfing around the age of five and now at 24, still lives for the ocean, surfing and waves.

In 2000 Sam choose to travel to Sweden where he became guitarist for the successful jazz/ pop band, Blender. It was here, through the bands front man, Hans Andrasko that Sam learnt more about song writing and performing. Once back in Australia, it didn’t take long before he started playing gigs in Port Lincoln and Adelaide as a solo musician, earning himself a loyal following.

Moving to Perth in 2003 was a beneficial step in Sam’s career as he started performing in and around the rustic music scene of Fremantle.

After recording a self-titled, four track demo with Lee Buddle at Sound Mine Studios, Sam has now completed a full length album with acclaimed producer Shaun O’callaghan, at Studio Couch. Shaun was instrumental in the success for artists such as John Butler, Gyroscope, Jebadiah, Eskimo Joe, Little Birdy and Birds of Tokyo.

Drawing on his own experiences, Sam allows his open heart and talent to run freely through his 11 track album entitled ‘Further’. Listeners can expect a theme of the ocean, waves and personal endurance along with intricate acoustic guitar work, intimate vocals and catchy rhythms that will ring around your head for days.

Sam’s live performances have seen him support artists such as Steve Tallis, Iota, Saritah, Toby and code red, Bianca Jade and Simon Kelly. He was lucky enough to record with Ben Franz from the Waifs and the Kill Devil Hills’ Lachlan Gurr. Not to mention, was recently selected to play at Fremantle’s Blues ‘n’ Roots Fringe festival. His album ‘Further’ is available for purchase on iTunes.



Written By: Sam Smith

I can hear calling far away
I can hear calling and they're begging me to stay
I can hear creepin late at night
They're packing my things and then they'll send me on a flight/

Away, away, away, away

They're looking for things for me to wear
They're leaving my shoes because I'll be flying through the air
High above the place that I sleep
They're leaving behind all the things I'll never need to keep

I'm flying away, away, away, away
I'm flying away, away, away, away

Strange things keep happening to me
I look at my dreams and they keep on flying away, away
Take me to a place where I can be free and be forever flying away, away, away, away

Take me to a place where I can be free and be forever flying away, away, away, away

Is This Really Happening

Written By: Sam Smith

I woke this morning, the strangest thing happened
I was still dreaming, eyes wide open
You saw me walk in, arms held out
Singing the same song, then I went out

Is, is this really happening
Is, is this really happening

Singing the same song, with no doubt
Forever dreaming, thats what life's about
In the back of my mind, the same things play out
And if I want it, they will pan out

Is, is this really happening
Is, is this really happening
Is, is this really happening
Is, is this really happening


2002-EP entitled Stolen Red
2004- 4 Track Self Titled EP
2007-Full Length album entitled Further

Set List

Anything from half an hour to two hours.

I have about 30 original songs my repitoir. No Covers.

A typical set list would be-

Back Through
Before Now
A World Behind
I Dream Awake
Free Oh
Reach Out
Going Home