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Ready to Die

Manifest Destiny



Hailing from Antioch, TN is Samson; more than your average artist. Samson has a gift of a brand new style of music called "Solar Muzik". A man on a mission; Samson is humbled by his love for Christ. A humble worker for Jesus; Samson wants to begin the musical deliverance of an era oppressed by misogyny, materialism, murder, and mayhem. Immersed in prayer; Samson seeks to save that which is lost, while rhyming about Jesus and the kingdom of God. In a dying world, Samson is a warrior for the cause of speaking life through his gift of music, and by breaking the boundaries of today's creativity by going completely out of this world. Sadly, our creative avenue of Hip-Hop is polluted with a destructive ideology for all people. Hip-Hop is filled with artists who aim to "keep it real", but those things that people are keeping "real" are things that are detestable to God. However, Samson strives to enlighten the world through his submission to God, and desperately strives to give his body to be used by the Lord with cunning sophistication and sincere lyrical ability. Samson's influences are God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Moses, the prophet Elijah, Martin Luther King, Benny Hinn, Myles Munroe, Marcus Garvey, Travion, Jonathan Phillips, Rob Vick, Oil, B Vick, J-Pure, Tupac, Nas, and Scarface. There exists no other style of music that is remotely similar to the sound of Samson, which he calls "Solar Muzik". God is not of this world, His thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and His ways are higher than our ways. Therefore, the music developed by Samson is a representation of God, is a manifestation of God's majesty, and is direct opposition to worldly values. The sound of Samson is one that is determined, extremely forceful; yet humility exudes from this man of God. "Solar Muzik" is about breaking creative boundaries and acknowledging the holiness of God.