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SAMSSOUL's sound is SOUL HUSTLA MUSIC.SOUL HUSTLA MUSIC is a fusion of old soul and vintage HipHop.Using the electric bass,mpc and turntables the voice of the true inner city experience is found.The elements of each song are deep rooted pains from a soul insperience found in Brooklyn ,N.Y.SUREAL


SAMSSOUL is a native of Brooklyn, N.Y. Born during the era of the soul music of the 70's.HipHop was his first love, as he sharpened his skills as a young DJ the reality of the skill and flavor of the musicians he cut and scratched on lead SAMSSUN on a path to fuse the ancient sound of the past greats with the creativity and subject matters of a mc with topics for the innercity urban reality.SOUL HUSTLA MUSIC is the experience of the voices of the urban survivors who seek liberation thru music that deals with ultimate truisms SAMSSUN is linked with the late GREAT B.I.G as young HipHop heads they enjoyed the pure essence of the art form SAM was the DJ .However due to the murder of his childhood friend SAMSSUN with a heavy hart created the SOUL HUSTLA SOUND.*@MYSPACEMUSIC.COM/SAMSSOUL SOULHUSTLAS*


Mental Hygene,2007 cd

Set List

ALL IS FAIR. 4mins
La PEARLA GIRL. 4mins 10 sec
REALIZE. 3mins