Sams the Hero

Sams the Hero


Feel good pop-punk like your momma used to make. Infuenced by MxPx, Blink 182, Five Iron Frenzy, Slick Shoes, Relient K and more.


What was once intended as a side-project and a "one time use" filler band, has now become the passion and purpose in the lives of three young men.

When Virginia Beach, VA local band Solitude was unable to fulfill a date they had committed to, vocalist/lead guitarist, Jon Carolino, called on friends Jeff Riggs and Neil Donohue from local band Flipside. The three worked out an eclectic arrangement of cover songs and filled in. Thus, the side-project, then called Sons of Noah, was born from one night of covers, a really good time, and a common love of music, laughter, and God.

Now, though Solitude and Flipside are no longer together, Sams the Hero is going stronger than ever. At first riding more on personality and sense of humor than actual musicianship, the trio has matured musically over the past two years, with a style appealing to a large audience of music fans, and crossing genre borders. With a full-length CD released in June of 2006, a memorable live show, and a busy booking schedule, Sams the Hero anxiously awaits all that has been planned for them, and are greatful for all they've been blessed with thus far.


Bad Song

Written By: Jeff Riggs

ladies and gentlemen
relatives and friends
witness my latest last stand
it’s not like it’s the first time
the first time since the last time
my fragile life got out of hand
I stand amidst a crowd
of the arrogant and loud their bitter cries cut through my week resolve
tell me I’m broke indebted
not college educated
a living problem needing solved

these words
you say
won’t make us throw it all away ‘
cause we’ve got
what you’ve not
and we’re here to say
these words you say
none of it matters anyway
your assurance long been purchased
waits here today

hey broken disbeliever
hey overachiever
what’s your hurry can’t you stay
too concerned with your extra-curricular agenda
to shoot the breeze for just one day
but you’re your father’s son
impressing everyone
and that’s ok cause acceptance must be won
but it comes at what cost
how much have you lost pursuing all that you have done

and if we fall
we won’t mind
we’ll have it all
all in time
we’ve all been called
called in kind
to have it all
open your mind

An Afterwards Anthem

Written By: Jeff Riggs

today was such a good day
the sun was bright and shining
no clouds were in the sky they all had gone away
the birds sang soft and sweetly
and for the first time in a while
my smile it never faltered
and then I thought of you

and sometimes it is so easy to leave it all behind
and sometimes my days are painless without you on my mind

today I vowed I would not cry
no matter what life threw at me
I cut off all emotion
and donned insensitivity
I found a nice spot in the shade
cleaned out my old and dirty car
I found some pictures of old friends
and quite a few of you

and sometimes it is so easy to keep it all inside
but my days are dark an joyless without you by my side

and if you should hear this song I sing
know that I still love you and please understand that I
wish you the best in everything
even if you find it inside someone else’s eyes

and if you should ever feel the need to lock this door marked you and me
please keep the key somewhere safe
just in case

Army of Blank Pages

Written By: Neil Donohue

you lied straight to my face
when you took my hand and held me tight
you promised me that everything would be quite alright
you left me standing here with this tired look in my eyes
and the pain left so severe had me fall down and die

by tonight I’ll be alright
and tonight I’ll be just fine
just look in through my eyes and see the strength that I hide

It was an army of blank pages staring into my eyes
and this choice you made to hurt me nearly ended my life
but when this army of blank pages marches into battle
I look at the pieces of my life you never loved me at all

I lie here motionless
you’d think that I am dead and gone
but just when it seems over something else goes wrong
and I think just for myself
how this fell out of line
the reasons why I walked so tall are now hard to find

Don't Talk to J

Written By: Jeff Riggs

things were going oh so well
hanging with the band at Taco Bell
I never knew a voice on the phone
could make me feel so alone

I got to tell you 'bout this guy
he broke my heart and made me cry
if you see him run the other way
whatever you do, don't talk to J

don't talk to J

my heart says I should let this go
be the bigger man go with the flow
but I've lost my share of sleep
and these painful scars may be too deep

I'll Try

Written By: Jeff Riggs

you were my kind of shy
sincere, yet playful eyes
you told me all about your day
and I was all the while
getting lost in your smile
and all you had to say

through nervous rambling
you listened patiently
without harsh word or reprimand
and my heart skipped a beat
when you told me
you loved all my favorite bands

but now there's light
in the eastern part of the sky
but I...

I'm still not ready
to say good-bye
but I just can't wait
to kiss you goodnight
but I'll try this time
to get this right
I'll try

we walked along the sand
together hand in hand
making fun of current trends
and when we met eyes
my heart took off across the sky
I don't want this night to end

cause I need you more
than you can know
so take my hand
and don't let go
and wait for me
after my show
and tell me I no longer have to
be alone

The Ants Go Marching

Written By: Jeff Riggs

trail of minute sentinals
on a silent seige
come from cracks invisible
driven by their greed
they invaded Jon-Jon's house
from the front and back
and as he on his x-box played
they launched their attack

the ants go marching one by one
the little one stops to clean his gun

the ants go marching two by two
in gov't issue combat boots

the ants go marching three by three
their hopes are high for victory

the ants go marching four by four
never looking more hardcore

from the battle Jon emerged
giving praise to God (hallelujah)
but it seemed the x-box team
was just a recon squad
a darkened bathroom one am (one am)
the true battle was played
when outnumbered but not outclassed
Jon grabbed his Raid

the ants go marching five by five
where some may not return alive

the ants go marching six by six
impressing all the insect chicks

not a drop of blood was spared
on the battle field that morn'
as flags were waved and lines were drawn
to the tune of sounding horns
cries of pain and sounds of war
were heard throughout the day
until at last one white flag waved
as the smoke it cleared away

the ants go marching on and on
but have we seen the last of Jon?

and they all go marching down...


Something Else Entirely (demo ep)

Don't Talk To J (EP)

-J Called Me A Name
-Don't Talk To J
-We're Better Than Relient K
-Good Ole Days
-Still As Glass

Unabated Mediocrity

-Old School
-Bad Song
-I'll Try
-Diving Into You
-Shortfalls and Weakness
-ADD Girl
-The Ants Go Marching
-An Afterwards Anthem
-Army Of Blank Pages
-For Anne
-178 Miles
-Living A Lack Thereof

Set List

Typical sets are 30-45 minutes long, although the band has a repertoire enough to cover 3 hours if needed. Many of the songs can also be done as a three piece acoustic lineup for smaller venues, if needed.

Cover songs range from MxPx and Green Day to Celine Dion. No I'm not kidding.

Example set:

Don't Talk to J
I'll Try
Song Without a Chorus
A Cover (usually Celine Deon or MXPX)
Still as Glass
BAD Song