sam trenwith

sam trenwith

 Hamilton, Waikato, NZL

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If I Say

Written By: Sam Trenwith

I'm in a lazy mood,
Let's sit here and never move again, 'til the end.

Coffee and magazines,
Talking about your dreams to me,
You're the best company.

I'm in heaven by your side,
Your every wish is my desire,
I could spend a lifetime in your arms.

If I say I'm in love
would you give me your heart
If I say I love would you love me too?

Wander the streets with me,
Under the Grey St trees we go,
And we don't care
If we don't meet anyone.

Don't talk about the bills,
The wars or the oil spills today,
Not today

I'm here, you're there
That's all I care,
We have something devine