Samuel Caulin

Samuel Caulin


Beautiful Anthem Melodies with feel good drops that keep every event alive and on party mode ridiculous! Once you feel you heard the best song of your life Samuel drop into a toothy bass line drop and you have no choice but to basically headbang while getting completely mind fucked!


Samuel Caulin is a 22-year-old producer/DJ who is known well for his unique and current sound design, and mixing techniques heard across his productions! His music stretches to many different sub genres of EDM and even rock for that matter including, dubstep, brostep, electro, progressive house, trance, and global bass.

He grew up in L.A. always dabbling around with his drums. Playing mostly rock music and then he fell in love with the song Stereo Love by Edward Mya one random night, and decided he had to produce EDM. He bought himself Pro Tools 9 and Komplete 8 then started reading manuals and playing around with sounds.

While Samuel started producing he was working with Autistic Children by day and making noise by night. With no need for sleep he lost a little of his mind but started to drop some wild and huge tunes! He is on his way to a city near you ready to rock the house! So come on out and prepare to wear your bass face!


August 12 mix - - Ranked as #17 on the top 100 chart

Party Mouth EP - - YouTube -

Set List

Set list will change from night to night as new productions come out and new hit smashes are found!