Samuel Chilcote

Samuel Chilcote


i write songs that relate to the mood i am in. Most of the time they are heartbroken. I write many diffent types of music. I only write the lyrics, i have no band and i do not sing. I just want my words to be heard by people all over the world.


My lyrics are quite different for each song i write. I like to express my mood in the lyrics. I try to get you caught up in the song.


Romeo and Juliet Kind of Love

Written By: Samuel Chilcote

Our parents don't approve; never did from the start
They say we're to young; try to tear us apart
We go round after round
Explaining this great love that we've found

It's a Romeo and Juliet kind of love
When push comes to shove
And our loves on the line; i know where i stand
With you hand in hand
Ready to fight
For what we know is right

You can put us miles apart
That won't stop this feeling we have deep down in our heart's
Cause love never strays
It always finds it's way


They can try to prove us wrong
But we know this young love is strong
I'll never give in, why can't they see
How much you love me