Samuel Mulligan

Samuel Mulligan


Ukuleles and drum machines! Distorted bass guitars and kazoos! Some fun songs, some silly, some pretty ones too.


I wrote and recorded my last album in one month for the RPM Challenge, and it's all about not having a real plan. I have been told that I sound like a mix between the guy from They Might Be Giants and the guy from the Presidents of the United States of America. My biggest musical influences right now are polka music and the Pixies.


If We Were Kitties

Written By: Sam Mulligan

If we were foxes
would you come over my den?
If we were little piggies
would you play with me in my pen?
If we were little anteaters
I'd let you eat all of my ants
If we were little old people
I'd help you put on your pants
If we were little racehorses
I'd always let you win
If we were little kitties
I'd give up one of my lives, so you'd have ten
If we were little puppies
and you got hurt, I'd be there to lick your cuts
If we were little fireflies
our love would light up our butts
If we were little kitties
I'd give up one of my lives,
so you'd have ten
If we were kitties...


2009 - No-Plan Hombre LP
2006 - My Kids Are Jerks - Love Is A Weapon LP
2004 - SamSam's Greatest Hits EP
2003 - Please Hold EP

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