Samuel Ventura

Samuel Ventura


A young and brilliant song writer and musicians incorporates acoustic folk-pop, rock and roll, modern reggae, and punk rock often in the same song. Many of Sam's songs have a catchy pop appeal with rock solid lyrics.


Samuel Ventura’s music leaves nothing to be desired. He delivers doses of acoustic folk-pop, rock and roll, modern reggae, and punk rock, and often all in the same song. Beyond genre variability, his songs are consistently great and you’re guaranteed to have them stuck in your head. But what is the story behind this sensational up-and-coming talent?
Samuel was born and raised in Geneva, New York, the lake trout capitol of the world and home to the Gym Class Heroes. He learned to play the piano at a young age, but was writing songs before he could even play an instrument. He also wrote short stories, poems, and even novels before he was a teenager. This literary talent he developed would later serve as an excellent platform for his lyrical ability.
He began playing guitar around the age of twelve, and as soon as he could strum a couple chords he was writing songs. He wrote over one hundred songs before he was fifteen and was the singer/songwriter/lead guitarist for local punk-rock band called Something Fast. By the time Samuel was in high school he wrote a rock opera entitled “The Demise to Rock Bottom and the Triumphant Exile,” a solo album he was piecing together with a local drummer.
These Days, Samuel is still constantly writing songs and expanding his musical ability. He is playing shows around Upstate New York and working on recording and releasing his first E.P. And with the music he makes, it’s plain to see Sam should be making a major impact in the music industry in no time.

Set List

Can do covers but performs original songs.
The following songs will be featured on Sam's first CD, which will be released in April of 2009: Burnout, Strawberry Soda, Coconut Tree, Violent Fists, Boo Hoo, We Are Not Alright, Sunshine, Counting Sheep, Police in the Park, Girls, Hospital Island, Jimmy in the Clouds