Samurize This

Samurize This


Pretty much some of the catchiest chorus hooks you'll ever hear backed up with 3 part harmonies and solid guitar work. It's all about the overall sound and for us that lies in the vocals and melodies.


We are Samurize This. An original 3 piece acoustic set from Auckland, New Zealand. Original because when asked, we can't think of a single group we can compare ourselves to. Our covers are entertaining and humorous while our originals bring some of our audience members to tears. Tears of sadness that is. We formed mid 2007 as 3 musicians, all from different backgrounds decided to stop messing around and write some stuff together. So far it has gone smoothly with some solid gigs and a few radio-ready demo's.


None yet. Help??

Set List

Originals: Silent Symphony, Drowning, Inconsistency, We Can Breathe In, Wasted Time, Nightmares, Sorry Honey, Sideline, Heroes, Jimmy, Thick & Thin, I'm So Sorry I'm Not There, Fall, Stop At Nothing, Insomnia

Covers: Rap Medley (Humorous medley of popular rap songs), It's On Honey (Nesian Mystiks "It's On" and Sorry Honey), Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley), Spongebob Squarepants Medley (Spongebob theme and other time fillers)