Sam Whang

Sam Whang

 Gig Harbor, Washington, USA

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Last Stand

Written By: Sam Whang

[Verse 1]
It's been 2 years, 3 months, and 24 days
We've been going strong, hey
But I feel like our fire is dying
Girl, don't wanna see you cryin'

The way that you look at me
it isn't the same
Your passion and fire
that used to light my flame
I feel like we're fading away
into the darkness

We're fightin' and fightin' the turbulence but,
Every time we hit it, it hits us back hard
We can't give up
'Cus this is our last stand
We're on our last stand
And if this storm comes and, throws and, pins you down
With my last strength,
I'll push it off and hold you in my arms
Sayin' I love you
'Cus this is our last stand
We're on our last stand

[Verse 2]
I've been thinking back, tryin' to remember the days
Where falling in love, was part of everyday
But nowadays I rarely see you smilin'
Those who said love is enough, oh they been lyin'

Girl, when you came into my life
It's like you opened my eyes and girl, I'll never be the same
(never be the same)
And, if we fight and we lose don't forget about
The love that you had for me, the love I had for you was real
And now we' we're standing here


Written By: Sam Whang

[Verse 1]
Honestly I don't know what I want to say to you
'Cus you're burning me out, with all your yes and no's, maybe so's, I don't knows
You're messing with my heart and I
I don't think that I can survive
the pain that you're putting me through
I know that you don't mean to
But it's time I let out the truth

Im'ma hit delete, delete, delete
Purge you from my memory
There's no more history
Im'ma hit delete, delete, delete
Don't put the blame on me
'Cus this ain't no game to me

[Verse 2]
Don't expect for me to come runnin' right back to you
'Cus I ain't turning back, don't matter what you say or do, don't bother leaving any clues
I gotta go on with my life
Gotta find a way to survive
From the pain that you put me through
I'm don puttin' up with you
It's why I gotta see this through

I know that you
need more time to think about this
But I can't wait no more
no more

Let Everything Go

Written By: Sam Whang

[Verse 1]
When I woke up in the morning
Couldn't help but to wonder if I was still alive
Cus I heard nothin' but the silence
Is this battle finally over?
Can I get this weight off my shoulders?
Have we won, or have we lost?

We've been fighting against this way too long
It's a battle that never could be won
It's time that we let go
Let everything go
Live to see another day
It's not the same as runnin' away
It's just time that we let go
Let everything go

[Verse 2]
There never is a right time
nor the perfect way to say...say goodbye
So I'm just standing in the silence
The battle's 'bout to be over
I can feel your tears on my shoulders
It's alright, just realize that
I know that you love me but...