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Sam Winch


Sam Winch's music fixed that thing on the Mir. Read the press. Hear why Sam's been featured on "Grey's Anatomy": and Comedy Central. (Especially) check out the music. See what the fans on myspace say: www.myspace/samwinch


Senator Sam Winch was born outside of Philadelphia in a bowling alley. His friends kid that he comes from the gutter.
He was orphaned and then adopted by a generous couple running a girls home for delinquent teens. At the age of three, his new parents moved the family to Wisconsin. Sam was not an outstanding child, though he once saved a baby from a falling hammer by taking the blow himself. The scar still remains just below his hairline. Some say it looks like a diamond; others say it looks like a tear; Sam says: "at some point it turned, it bent, it hunched me at the shoulders, broke me at the belt".
He was lost for a week when he was nine. He was found in Baraboo, Wisconsin, under the Big Top, asleep in a circus wagon, gifted a ukulele by a clown...

By order of the Senator, led by the General, a contingent of Lullabadeer broke into Ringmaster Roy's window-less basement leaving him ProTools and snack items.


"The Lullabadeer" is Sam's debut LP
It received great support by DJs such as Nic Harcourt, Mark Wheat, Anne Litt and Bob Harris.

Set List

Typical set list = 60 minutes, rarely a cover:
Slow Poke
The Lullabadeer
My Lover Says
Tawny Tail
So You Tell Me
Graduation Day
That Is For Sure
Fantastic Sam