Samy Camara

Samy Camara

 Sherman Oaks, California, USA

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No Damn Ring

Written By: Saman Nasir

It's a shotgun wedding
And there ain’t no damn ring
I won't be wearing white
Gotta tell ya that does sting

Wonder if there'll be romance
If we will still go dance
You'll still bring me flowers
If we still plannin on France

If you get tired lemme know
Cause if wanting out, it'll show
Don't say it's not you, it's me
Or we should've taken it slow

I know you weren't the committing type
And dream weddings are a big hype
To get away don’t go fighting in Iraq
Tellin me, baby we'll still Skype

I worry I ain’t got the look
And sure as hell can't cook
And you got all those girls
Hitting you up on Facebook

Don't know if I' ready to wait around
Wondering if that sound
was you finally coming home?
Knowing you don't wanna be bound.

You know I had a pretty good life too
Ran around without care or a clue
Now I feel so insecure
This baby thing is so new

Guess I gotta let me feel it
Maybe it will all just fit
I'll be a ma but if going gets tough
Daddy you could just quit

And if you do that's alright
I promise you, we won't fight
I won't stop ya if you leave
In the middle of the night